Kid Friendly?: White Sands National Park

A torrential rainstorm turned White Sands into grey sands, but the chilly weather, wind, and puddles weren't enough to stop us from visiting the filming location of one of my favorite music videos of all-time.

Kid Friendly?: Grand Canyon National Park

It's one of the seven natural wonders of the world, no wonder we loved our time at Grand Canyon National Park!

Kid Friendly?: Petroglyph and Aztec Ruins National Monuments

Planning, or wanting to plan, a road trip? We have you covered in Exit 2 of our Great American Road Trip with Kids (and on a budget) series. Ratings, thrifty tips, word of the day, photos, and more!

Traveling (Abroad) with Three Kids: Ten Things I Learned

Ten things I learned while traveling internationally with kids.

Traveling (Abroad) with Three Kids: Part II – Prefunk Preparations

Part II of the Traveling (Abroad) with Kids series talks about what preparations you need to make before departure.