The Johnson Five’s Top Five Disney Pixar Films!

Went and saw Inside Out, so afterwards The Johnson Five decided to vote on our top 5 Disney Pixar films of all-time!

Which “Inside Out” Character Are We?

Achieved a first over the weekend. Mark it down in the annals of The Johnson Five history book: July 11, 2015 - Went to the movies for the first time as a family, solely the five of us. We've gone to the movies a few times prior as a family, but it usually involved an extra buddy … Continue reading Which “Inside Out” Character Are We?

2014 Year in Review: Part I – Let It Go

In Part I (of 3!) I compare myself to Queen Elsa. Yes, that Elsa from "Frozen".

Chills Down My Spine: Star Wars Cast Revealed!

Every now and then I run across a picture that puts chills down my spine. Old black and white photos of Yankee legends Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, classic western towns, and any photo of Kate Upton (and to be fair this GQ photo shoot of my all-time crush Rachel Green from 2009, and this … Continue reading Chills Down My Spine: Star Wars Cast Revealed!