Pop Culture

As much as I love my wife and kids, I do have other hobbies, like sports, fantasy sports and then my obsessive love for Star Wars, Boyz II Men, and the TV show Friends. So, yah, my blog is primarily about my life with three kids but every now and then I have to write about pop culture nonsense. What’s it to you?

Kid Friendly?: A Parents Movie Review of Tenet!

Want to find out if the the newly released Christopher Nolan blockbuster, “Tenet”, is appropriate for your kids – or even you? I’ve got you covered!

Flashback Friday: 1995 – Kevin Graduated!

It’s 20 years since my high school reunion. What would I do differently? I go back into time and let myself know via letter. Plus slow jams, Refusing to Lose, and my new Friends Ross and Rachel. As if!

All We Need Is Love!

All of these races issues are messing with my mind, so I decided to write about my attempt to raise my kids to love everyone, while living as a white person in a white world.

Twenty: My Tribute to Boyz II Men

It’s been awhile since I’ve graced your presence with my nonsense. I’ve started five different blogs only to stop midway through it because of interruption. I got three-quarters of the way through this one when I “took a break” only to be reminded by my sister-in-law that I haven’t written in awhile. She says she … Continue reading Twenty: My Tribute to Boyz II Men


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