May the Fourth be with You!: Top-10 Work-Related Star Wars Quotes

It's the unofficial official Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, so here are the Top-10 Work-Related Star Wars Quotes!

Finding Hope for the Present in the Past

Much like we are all doing now, fifteen years ago today my family and I battled an unseen life-threatening enemy. Uncertainty, fear, frustration, worry and stress consumed us. But in the midst of this battle we found HOPE, and we walked out of those trials stronger than when we walked in.

Kid Friendly?: LEGO “Friends”: The One With the Unboxing!

Unboxing videos seem to be quite the rage on YouTube! As a sort of joke, the kids and I thought we'd sit down and do our first official unboxing of the LEGO Ideas Central Perk Friends set.

Kid Friendly?: A Parents YouTube Channel Review of Flamingo!

Always curious as to what your kids are watching on YouTube but don't want to take the time to sit down and understand? We got you covered with our weekly YouTube Channel Review for Parents.

Top-10 Postseason Finishes of My Baseball Lifetime!

As a build-up to MLB's Opening Day, I introduce my son to the top-10 Postseason Finishes of My Lifetime.

Five Best Songs About Baseball

I'm still missing baseball so I write about the five best songs about baseball, with a tribute to the late Kenny Rogers. Plus my COVID-19 anthem and more!

Kid Friendly?: Five Best Baseball Movies to Watch with Kids

Want to find out what baseball movies are age appropriate for your kids? Here are The Johnson Five's top-five favorite baseball movies for kids! What do you write about when we're in uncertain times? Do you hop on the bandwagon and write something virus related? I started to and then I realized why does anyone … Continue reading Kid Friendly?: Five Best Baseball Movies to Watch with Kids

Eight Reasons Why You’ll Love Work at Home … and one reason you may not!

I work from home. And I love it! Thinking of making the move to remote? Here's eight reasons why you'll love it and one reason you may not. #workathome #workfromhome #remote #Lost

My (S)HEROES are …

Who are my (S)heroes?! To celebrate International Women's Day I share four in four different areas of my life.

Time to Respect the G.O.A.T.

I know it's trendy to hate on the Patriots and Tom Brady, but for this fan of an ex-AFC rival, it's time to respect the G.O.A.T.