Parenting isn’t easy, but somebody has to do it. Especially when you have three kids. Here are some of the lessons and struggles I’ve had in my growing years as a father.

I’m (Probably) Going To Miss This

Ten moments I’m going to (probably) miss as the kids get older.

Time for The Talk

Middle school is arriving, puberty is on its way, the moment my son and I have dreaded is about to arrive. It’s time to have The Talk.

All We Need Is Love!

All of these races issues are messing with my mind, so I decided to write about my attempt to raise my kids to love everyone, while living as a white person in a white world.

Sports, Society and Kids

If you’ve read my blog for more than a few months you know that there are few things I love more than sports. My wife and kids being one of them. And actually, that might be it. As my eldest, Lukas, has gotten older he’s become more and more interested in everything sports. He loves playing … Continue reading Sports, Society and Kids

My First Stitches

I accomplished a first in my life this Friday. Register it in my Baby Book under My First Stitches – Friday, May 21, 2011 (33 years, 229 days old). That’s right I’ve never had stitches in my life but now I have two in the most uncomfortable of places. If you haven’t guessed it already, I … Continue reading My First Stitches


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