Kid Friendly?: A Parents Movie Review of Tenet!

Want to find out if the the newly released Christopher Nolan blockbuster, "Tenet", is appropriate for your kids - or even you? I've got you covered!

Why We’re Sending Our Kids Back to School … and other 2020 thoughts!

I word vomit about sending our kids back to school during a pandemic, race issues, and ... that's all I got.

Kid Friendly?: “The Last Dance” – 23 Takeaways from Watching the Chicago Bulls Dynasty Documentary with Kids

"The Last Dance" was a nostalgic walk through the NBA I grew up on. I have 23 takeaways about the documentary, including being able to share my NBA fandom with my kids.

May the Fourth be with You!: Top-10 Work-Related Star Wars Quotes

It's the unofficial official Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, so here are the Top-10 Work-Related Star Wars Quotes!

Kid Friendly?: LEGO “Friends”: The One With the Unboxing!

Unboxing videos seem to be quite the rage on YouTube! As a sort of joke, the kids and I thought we'd sit down and do our first official unboxing of the LEGO Ideas Central Perk Friends set.

Kid Friendly?: Five Best Baseball Movies to Watch with Kids

Want to find out what baseball movies are age appropriate for your kids? Here are The Johnson Five's top-five favorite baseball movies for kids! What do you write about when we're in uncertain times? Do you hop on the bandwagon and write something virus related? I started to and then I realized why does anyone … Continue reading Kid Friendly?: Five Best Baseball Movies to Watch with Kids

Goodbye Princess Leia…

Saying goodbye to my first love.

Flashback Friday: Ten of My Favorite Toys of All-Time

We got our Xbox One back! I say 'we' because it showed up in my name, even though my son Lukas won it in fantasy football (see the hyperlink on 'fantasy football'? That means you can click on it, just in case you're like, "Won it in fantasy football? How the ... ") What a summer … Continue reading Flashback Friday: Ten of My Favorite Toys of All-Time

Flashback Friday: 1995 – Kevin Graduated!

It's 20 years since my high school reunion. What would I do differently? I go back into time and let myself know via letter. Plus slow jams, Refusing to Lose, and my new Friends Ross and Rachel. As if!

Flashback Friday: The Summer of ’94 – The End of the Innocence

Forrest Gump, Alicia Silverstone, All-4-One and Boyz II Men, I flashback to the Summer of '94 in my latest post.