Finding Hope for the Present in the Past

Much like we are all doing now, fifteen years ago today my family and I battled an unseen life-threatening enemy. Uncertainty, fear, frustration, worry and stress consumed us. But in the midst of this battle we found HOPE, and we walked out of those trials stronger than when we walked in.

My (S)HEROES are …

Who are my (S)heroes?! To celebrate International Women's Day I share four in four different areas of my life.

Concern Level: Zero!

A cancer scare, and a weekend with family and friends highlight this month's Johnson Five update!

Songs in the Key of Life: Rascal Flatts’ “Skin (Sarabeth)”

There are certain phrases in life you just don't want to hear. "You have cancer" usually makes the top five of that list. On April 7, 2005 - nine years ago today - my wife and I heard those news as the doctor informed us that she had leukemia. I had always enjoyed the "Songs in the … Continue reading Songs in the Key of Life: Rascal Flatts’ “Skin (Sarabeth)”

Thinking Back on Seven Years Ago

It's been a hectic last few weeks. As most of you know I opened my own little Nationwide agency on March 1 and have been busy attempting to get clients and get my name and face out in the community and social media-sphere so that when YOU think insurance YOU think THIS GUY! It's actually … Continue reading Thinking Back on Seven Years Ago

Third Nipple Out!

The third nipple is out! The last remnant (discounting scars) of Lis's battle with leukemia has been removed from her bicep. And the best part? They let me keep it! (SPOILER ALERT: There's a picture below!) Yesterday Lis had her annual oncology check-up. The doctor confirmed all is well. Actually that's being humble. He actually … Continue reading Third Nipple Out!

Relating to Desperate Housewives – October 23, 2007

So often I drift off of the path of what this blog was originally written for. Does that make sense? What I’m saying is that I don’t spend enough time talking about Lis and cancer. This is probably a good thing as that means that the cancer is not affecting our lives. The bad thing … Continue reading Relating to Desperate Housewives – October 23, 2007

Good News from the Doc – February 7, 2007

It was just four months ago when I wrote in my blog about the aftershocks of cancer. One of those aftershocks was the fact that we may never be able to have kids or would have to wait five years before having kids. That all changed today when Lis went to her routine checkup and … Continue reading Good News from the Doc – February 7, 2007

Aftershocks of Cancer – October 9, 2006

It’s been almost a year since Lis went through her final chemotherapy treatment. Thankfully it feels like forever ago. In the year since her last hospital stay we really haven’t felt any other ripples from her battle with leukemia. We did have a slight scare earlier this year when Lis’ blood count dropped for some … Continue reading Aftershocks of Cancer – October 9, 2006

A Year Ago Today – April 7, 2006

A year ago today my life changed forever. My wife, Lis, was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. I can still clearly replay that day in my mind. I remember the phone call from Lis telling me that we need to head to the hospital, I remember feeling in shock then remember feeling confused as we … Continue reading A Year Ago Today – April 7, 2006