Vai Rio: Why I’m Rooting for Rio this Summer!

Vai Rio! On the eve of the 2016 Summer Olympics I'm giving my bias opinion on why the media should cut Brazil some slack.

Traveling (Abroad) with Three Kids: Ten Things I Learned

Ten things I learned while traveling internationally with kids.

Traveling (Abroad) with Three Kids: Part II – Prefunk Preparations

Part II of the Traveling (Abroad) with Kids series talks about what preparations you need to make before departure.

Blogging from Brazil – July 9, 2006

I love Brazil. The people, the smell, the weather, everything. I don’t know what it is but I love it. I guess I do know what it is. Its home away from home. It takes us a whole minute to adjust to everything before we feel like we’re home again. Too bad we have to … Continue reading Blogging from Brazil – July 9, 2006

Chapter 2: Obrigado Sogra – July 27, 2005

I love my mother-in-law. There I said it…not many people love their mother-in-law, but I do. I first met my then-future mother-in-law a couple years back when I went to Brazil to visit Lis. From the moment I stepped foot in their house I liked her, mostly because she liked me. I ate her food, … Continue reading Chapter 2: Obrigado Sogra – July 27, 2005