Kid Friendly?: A Parents YouTube Channel Review of Moriah Elizabeth

Want to find out if the YouTube channel Moriah Elizabeth is appropriate for your kids, or just about Moriah Elizabeth? You’ve come to the right place!

With the kids home for all hours of the day, it’s likely that they are spending a lot of their time watching YouTube – we know, we’re not perfect parents either.

If you’re like me you try to shut that down as much as possible, but if you’re like me you don’t pay enough attention to what the heck they’re actually watching on YouTube.

To assist you all – and myself – Life With Three Kids decided to watch YouTube and review the channels our kids are watching (and maybe a few that Dad likes to frequent as well).

After we’ve watched three videos from the channel – its most popular, most recent and a kid favorite – we will release a review filled with a synopsis of what the channel is about, their top-viewed video, the Parents Rating, Kids Rating, what age group we felt it was most appropriate for, how we rated it on language, violence, and if there were positive messages. Plus one-line reviews from Mom and the trio!

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You can see all our reviews (YouTube channels, movies, etc.), and how we review them, at Kid Friendly?: The Reviews. We have reviewed Flamingo, Mr. Beast, and the movie Tenet.

Our third channel is my daughter’s go-to, and one even my 9-year-old son will end up sticking around for, Moriah Elizabeth.

Moriah Elizabeth

Subscribers: 5.47 million
Views: 1.4 billion
Joined: August 25, 2010
Description: Hey it’s ME (Moriah Elizabeth).
AGE: 7 and up!
Length of Videos: 15-18 minutes
Language: None
Violence: Nope
Sexual Content: Ha!
Positive Messages: Love that she’s using her creativity and artistic ability to fix up beaten up toys or dirty items.

As a 40-something father of a daughter, I adored Moriah! Her videos were cleanly edited, entertaining, and kept me interested throughout the 15-18 minutes. She teaches the viewers how to be creative, and crafty, while using humor and storytelling, even creating new characters that my 9-year-old son was proud to name.

She was a nice, and far contrast, from the previous two we reviewed, Flamingo and Mr. Beast, as I was ready to turn them off minutes after starting their videos, were obnoxious and either throwing money at people or yelling into a microphone. Not Moriah! Heck, I even followed her on Instagram, am I creeping yet?

Oh, and she furthered my theory that left-handed people are more artistic. I’m not left-handed.

I couldn’t wait to see what she was going to turn this filthy thrift store suitcase into. It turned out great, wish I could steal a snippet of it, Moriah if you read this send me a picture of the suitcase!

Moriah started as just a teenage girl trying to make fun teenage girl videos. Her debut video was “Toddlers and Tiaras Parody“, which she followed up with “10 Signs That a Girl Likes You“, “Worst Things to Say to a Girl“, “Stupid Things Some Girls Do“, “11 Ways to Break Up” … you get the point. She also had a few that included her brother.

She was averaging close to a million views with those videos, before she started to get into art-related videos. About three years ago she started focusing on the trendy squishies. We’ll talk squishies at the end of this post, but she seemed to hit a niche because her viewership skyrockets from about a million views to averaging anywhere between 5 to 15 million a video. Not bad Moriah!

I’m not sure if my daughter was into squishies before Moriah, or Moriah inspired her to get into squishes, or if I’m even spelling squishies right, but for my daughter’s 11th birthday party we ordered a bunch of squishes and the girls decorated them, a la Ms. Moriah Elizabeth.

What’s a squishy?! Click here, or on the picture to the left to see (and buy some) what a squishy is.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the videos I watched, as did our two boys (yes, even the almost-16-year-old).

Kids Rank (out of 5):

Parents Rank (out of 5):

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5 thoughts on “Kid Friendly?: A Parents YouTube Channel Review of Moriah Elizabeth

  1. Hey Kevin, Lia has good taste, I watched the whole thing. I too like to do crafty things, but of course we know your Grandma is the queen of crafty. Enjoyed the video, cute. I don’t think I would go to all that trouble for an old suitcase but what do I know. Sounds like Lia is into it. Love and Stuff to you, Lis and all the kids. Aunt JO Feller


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