Kid Friendly?: LEGO “Friends”: The One With the Unboxing!

Unboxing videos seem to be quite the rage on YouTube! As a sort of joke, the kids and I thought we’d sit down and do our first official unboxing of the LEGO Ideas Central Perk (21319) Friends set.

My apologies to the pros, but you won’t find any time-lapse videos, fun and upbeat music, or video transitions. We don’t have a tripod, used my phone to record it, and our eldest did most of the holding of the camera. If I can get 100 likes on this post then maybe we’ll upgrade to a tripod.

After about three minutes of realizing how silly being formal was going to be, the kids and I decided to say, “Forget it! Let’s be ourselves!” and well … see the nonsense for yourself.

The video is unscripted, mostly mostly unedited, family fun with the worst possible video editing ever witnessed in a LEGO unboxing video!

Looking to purchase this product then click here. Looking for a review and photos of the set, then look below the video.

LEGO Ideas Central Perk Building Kit (21319)

AGES: 16+ (is what the box said, I’m going to say 12+)
PIECES: 1070
RETAIL: $59.99.
MINIFIGS: Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Phoebe Buffay and the lovable Gunther are included!
JOHNSON FIVE RATING (out of five):

Received this for Christmas from my mom, and it was the perfect gift for a lifelong Friends fan, a fan of LEGO, and the father of two wannabe Master Builders.

I spent every Thursday for 10 years of my life watching and recording – on VHS – every episode of the show. I then upgraded to DVD when those were released, sadly having to throw away dozens of VHS tapes. In May you can stream it on HBO Max – if you didn’t already do that on Netflix.

I had have a crush on Rachel Green. I still have the Ross Geller hairdo (gelled and pushed forward). My brother and I still shout PIVOT when we move couches. I wrote a college paper about the show. Give me Seasons 1-3 over all others. I prefer early-series Chandler, don’t give me this nonsense about how much you love Chandler and Monica. I’d prefer if Chandler stayed with Kathy, and Monica with Pete (blame my man crush on Jon Favreau). Oh, and I scratched the entire Joey and Rachel relationship from my mind. Though I do like that Phoebe ended up with Ant-Man.

Went off on a tangent there, my bad!

First off, the box is amazing! I didn’t want to open the box even after I was allowed to open it!

Now that’s a pretty box!

To celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary, LEGO created this set as the Central Perk filming set, with camera lights on both sides. The famous orange couch and rug area up front can be removed from the set. I just keep mine all in place.

They’ve given Phoebe a guitar and microphone, and if you’re a fan of Ross’ keyboard skills, you can snap in a keyboard and imagine his … would you call it music or sounds?

The seven mini-figures are almost worth the price of admission. As mentioned, Pheebs comes with a guitar, Rachel with her famous hairdo, Monica in suspenders, Joey with pizza, and Chandler with his laptop for “games and stuff.” Oh, and the beloved Gunther makes an appearance.

The minifigs are worth the price of admission!

LEGO always impresses me with their details and they don’t disappoint here. The coat rack, the chalkboard menu, and especially the coffee equipment are on point.

There were a couple of pieces that caused frustration. The lamppost in the back corner of the set and one of the handles on the espresso machine, but other than that it was a simple build. The age recommendation is 16+ but my 8-year-old basically built my set … and bossed me around.

Overall, it was a fun build. The kids know that I’m a huge Friends fan, so their excitement for me not only to have it, but to build it, was great. Due to the content of the show (yah, not really early teen or pre-teen material), they have only seen a couple select episodes, so I enjoyed introducing them to the characters, how they met each other on the show, and the Central Perk set in general.

Currently the set sits on my desk, in between my monitors, directly in front of me as I work all day.

Easter Egg Hunt! Can you find two of my favorite non-Friends characters?

If you’re a die-hard Friends fan it’s almost a must-have. If you’re a Friends fan and a LEGO fan, it is a must-have.

Check it out on Amazon by clicking on the picture below!

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  1. So you wasn’t to pleased with it. They have so many Lego stuff out I can’t keep up with everything.

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