Traveling (Abroad) with the Trio: Part I – Why?

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had the following conversation with someone:

Them: “You’re going on vacation?”

Me: “Yes.”

Them: “Where you headed?”

Me: “Brazil.”

Them: “Wow…are you taking the kids?”

I always find this question slightly amusing (and it leaves me slightly confused).


It’s been seven years since the then-Johnson Four visited Brazil. Now we’re attacking our home-away-from-home as the Johnson Five!

Why would I not take my kids? (And why do I keep writing ‘talk’ instead of ‘take’?!) Is it the Brazil thing? Is it because I have three of them? Do people no longer vacation with their young children? Can you really do a week-long vacation somewhere with just you and your spouse and not feel guilty leaving your kids behind?

Have to give props to my parents, every vacation – to this day – my folks are still inviting us to come along (and we often invite them to come along). Maybe it’s because my mom would rather hang out with us, or my dad would rather have someone hang out with my mom, but they still invite us to whatever dog show they may be headed too. (Hmm…maybe they just know if they throw the words ‘dog show’ in we’ll likely decline the invite and thus they come across as being nice, but don’t really want us to go…I’m on to you Mom!)

Where was I?

Oh, Brazil, Hawaii, Italy, a cruise, our 2018 road trip from Spokane to New York City, and any of the other vacations on my Vacation Bucket List and if the kids are living under our roof (and likely once they move out), we’re inviting them with us on vacation.

That’s why – in an attempt to get back into writing – I thought I would write a five-part series about traveling abroad with three kids.

Once a week (except this week – it’ll be twice), starting now, I’ll post a timeline of how our travels are going or have gone.

The Breakdown:

Where are we headed? Brazil.
How long is your flight(s)?  15 hours total.
How many kids do you have? Three.
How old are these kids? 11, 7 and 5.
Why would you head to Brazil? Don’t they have that mosquito virus? Visiting the in-laws, and yes they do but I’m not pregnant and either is my wife so we’ll chance it.
Are you crazy? We’re about to find out.
How will this lead into a five-part series? Tomorrow I’ll post five to six ways that we prepared for our trip with the trio.

Part III will talk about airport travel to Brazil, with a 15-hour flight.

Part IV will be about vacation with the final, fifth part about our return trip.

Any questions or suggestions on traveling with kids abroad, hit me up on Twitter @mylifewith3kids, on Instagram at @lifewiththreekids or via email at

One thought on “Traveling (Abroad) with the Trio: Part I – Why?

  1. Thanks Son, and wouldn’t leave home without “My Three Son’s” when you were home and not even living at home, and we still love you all going with us.
    I look forward to reading how the 14 hour flight is with the kids too!


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