A New (Relay) Experience!

I don’t know what to do with myself.

It’s 9 p.m. on a Tuesday night, the kids are all tucked away in their beds and for the first time in seven months I don’t feel like there is something else I should be doing instead.

It’s kind of amazing!

Sure there are things I could do – like write (so many different ideas dancing in my head), study my Portuguese (only one week until vacation) – but nothing that is pressing or that will make me feel guilty if I just don’t do it. Kind of refreshing!

This past Saturday was our Relay For Life of Liberty Lake.

The event had a much different feel than the events I’ve helped organize in the past.

For one, the event didn’t happen in 2015, so in essence it was like starting a new event over from scratch.

Second, we had 19 teams, and 110 participants, where past events I chaired had 60-plus teams and hundreds of participants. We also lacked in volunteers, as just seven members of our supposed 15-team committee showed up and helped out the day of the event. Can I get a … GRRRR?!


Our speakers were wonderful, opening with a cancer warrior who’s written a book (and may have inspired me to finally write mine) and closing with a mother of a daughter that lost her battle a few years back (and that I once relayed with years ago).

Our events were fun, and ongoing. Though we may have initially tried to pack in too many events, as the day went by we shortened the schedule and ended up having wonderful events that were well-participated in.

Overall I’d give it a solid B. We helped bring back an event that I think can sustain in the community we live in, and really that’s all I wanted to accomplish.

For me … it’s time to walk away.

“We’ve heard this song before Kevin!”


I know, I know, but I think, hope, pray, that this time it’s for real. With Lis working at nights the stress level was intensified. I had to manage being a full-time dad of three while trying to organize an event for hundreds.

I wasn’t able to bring the passion to the event that I had hoped when I first started. I was often drained, sitting in front of a blank computer screen wondering where I should start before retiring to the bedroom for sleep.

It wasn’t fair to my kids, and it wasn’t fair to this event so knowing this gives me a greater reason to not return next year.

Now we’ll definitely have a team. I mean it’s a Saturday, two blocks from our house, filled with fun-family events. Why not?!

Plus, it’s a day where my kids can come out, do some community service and be reminded of what Lis went through 15 years ago.

Back to this speaker, Jim Morrison (no, not the Doors dude). I spoke with him afterwards, and ended up supporting him by buying his book.

He’s a survivor that wrote a book after people asked him to share his story. Sound familiar – minus the survivor part. For years this is something I’ve thought about doing. He told me that people will be inspired by my passion, cancer warriors especially. They need to hear these stories. It was inspirational to hear that.

For years I’ve thought about sharing our story, a story of hope.

For the first time in those many, many years I actually think it might happen … to be continued. (Not this post, just the thought of writing a book.)

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