Happy Mother’s Day (on a budget)

Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

As previously, briefly mentioned – and will be further mentioned with its own post – the wife and I are on a quest to become debt-free – now and forever. Amen!

And since we’re on this quest to be debt-free that means we have to live life on a nice, tidy and fairly tight budget.

It’s nothing new to us, we were forced to do it the second Lis was diagnosed with cancer 11 years ago, but again, that’s another post for another day.

Since we’re on a budget we’ve decided not to spend extra money on things like Mother’s Day, our anniversary (I mean really we both just want to skip to the end anyway right?) and our birthdays.

But still, we want to do something nice for Mother’s Day, so I surfed the Internet for fun and creative ways we can create a Mother’s Day present for Mom!

We stumbled on the HGTV site where it gave us 28 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Will Love. We figured this was a good place to start as the only channel Lis does watch, when she watches TV, is HGTV.

We also needed to come up with something that I could do with the kids. Something that wouldn’t take too much craftiness (I’m an ideas guy!), not a lot of time (we were just days away from Mother’s Day), and didn’t involve a lot of material.

We found Fingerprint Embellished Frames. You can click on HGTV’s site here to find out how to make it, or just keep reading since I’m going to tell you how we made ours.

Our first trip was to Walmart since we had to print out photos anyway, and buy Skittles for Lia’s math project at school.

HGTV’s site calls for white frames, which would probably look nicer, but Walmart didn’t have any (well they had two and they were over $4), so we settled on the $0.97 black frames.


We already had the fingers and finger paint at home, so after spending another $1 to print out the photos we were all set for our project.

Thankfully the weather was nice – windy, but nice – so we headed to the backyard for some paint time.


The first step, which was actually my daughter’s idea, (thank goodness we have her around), was to remove the back and the glass so that we can paint the frames without getting them on the glass. Which would’ve definitely happened. Thanks Lia!

The second step was putting the fingerprints to the frame.

Our eldest went with green (so his final project looks more like a camouflage design. God Bless America!), our daughter did a mixture of pink and blue, and our youngest did a blue with some orange in the corner of the frame.

The whole process took about 3 minutes tops. A lot quicker than I had thought it might take.


After each kid was done painting, we laid the three frames out so they can dry. Unfortunately the wind picked up, peeling some of our spots off when we brought them into the house. Thanks wind!

We kept the frames outside for about an hour, bringing them in before the sprinklers ruined our paint job.


The final product actually turned out nice.

It helps that there are cute pictures to go into the frames, but for a total of $5, and some father-rugrat bonding time, it was well worth it.

I’m thinking Mother is going to love them all, especially knowing there was literally a personal touch put into all of them.

Happy Mother’s Day all!

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day (on a budget)

  1. Fantastic idea Kevin!! Now uncle and I are going on 49 yrs. of marriage and we have been on a budget” ALL of our lives!” It’s a good thing, not bad! Keep coming up with great ideas! Try the dollar store! Ha Ha LV Aunt Sandy


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