The Johnson Five’s Top Five Disney Pixar Films!


As mentioned yesterday, we took our first Johnson Five-only trip to the movies on Saturday.

We decided on Disney Pixar’s Inside Out, and – thanks to the hits that Disney Pixar continue to produce – loved the film.

Afterwards we talked about the movies that Disney Pixar has made and tried to think of what were the best five of the 15 they have made?

So doing what I love best, and doing what my family dislikes best, I polled them, asking them to come up with their top five Disney Pixar films.

Using our combined votes I was able to come up with what we think are the five best Disney Pixar films.

No. 1 – Toy Story 3 (2010)
On the not-that-long list of Movies That Make Me Sob, Toy Story 3 ranks towards the top. I’m sorry. I’m a sucker for a group of toys that we’ve seen battle each other, the neighbor Sid, Al and his greed, Prospector Pete and then a strawberry-smelling stuffed bear, all clinging to each other in what appeared to be the last moments of their “lives”. It’s the music mostly that does it, and the fact that I actually wondered if this was the end (unfortunately it’s not. Yes, unfortunately, like they are planning a Toy Story 4?! C’mon! We had a nice closure to the story!). And then you see Andy hand his toys down to Bonnie, and I related the scene to my own life, and when I passed down my Dapper Dan to my daughter. Thus, Toy Story 3 earned our No. 1 spot on the list.

No. 2 – Inside Out (2015)
I think the kids may have jumped the gun on this one. Still fresh on their mind, the kids voted it high on their list. Though I disagreed with the No. 2 ranking, it’s warranted a top-5 spot. It had a little Inception feel to it, in that we get inside the minds of … well all of us. Oh, and somebody of course made a trailer mashup of it. Check that out here. It’s classic Disney Pixar this time taking our actual emotions and turning them into characters.

No. 3 – Finding Nemo (2003)
As a father you have to admire the fight of the once often-overbearing “helicopter” father Marlin tackling on the many adventures of the sea all to find his son Nemo, who was kidnapped by us darn humans, who thought we were actually saving the little fish’s life. Easily one of my favorite father-son movies of all-time!

No. 4 – Up (2009)
On the not-that-long list of Movies That Make Me Sob, Up ranks towards the top. I’m sorry. I’m a sucker for a life montage, about two childhood friends who fall in love, get married, struggle to create life, and then watch as one of them passes away. This 3-minute montage was Disney Pixar storytelling at its utmost best. Wow! A half-hour into the movie and my brother and I were wiping away tears. Then of course there’s Kevin the female tropical bird, Dug the “talking” Dog, Russell the 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer, a bunch of colorful balloons and Carl Fredrickson, our grumpy  78-year-old hero.

No. 5 – Toy Story (1995)
It was 20 years ago this year that Toy Story wowed us on the big screen. I remember going with my parents and two brothers (and I was freshly out of high school) and watching this amazing story of toys that came to life. My brothers and I were professional toy players, from a young age to right about our teenaged-years. We loved them, and we made them come alive, so watching Toy Story confirmed that a) we aren’t that strange and b) told you they come alive when we’re not around!

Nos. 6-10: Cars, The Incredibles, Toy Story 2, Ratatouille, Brave and Wall-E.

Interested in how the voting broke down? Probably not but here you are.

Kevin                         Lis                           Lukas                     Lia                      Levi
Toy Story 3                Toy Story                Toy Story 3               Inside Out           Cars
Up                              The Incredibles       Inside Out                Brave                   Toy Story 2
Finding Nemo            Toy Story 3             Finding Nemo          Ratatouille            Toy Story 3
Wall-E                        Inside Out               Up                            Monster’s Inc.       Toy Story
The Incredibles         Finding Nemo          Wall-E                     Up                          Finding Nemo

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