Which “Inside Out” Character Are We?

Inside Out Poster

Achieved a first over the weekend.

Mark it down in the annals of The Johnson Five history book:

July 11, 2015 – Went to the movies for the first time as a family, solely the five of us.

We’ve gone to the movies a few times prior as a family, but it usually involved an extra buddy or family member. Saturday, for the first time in our history we went with just the five of us.

The result?

Loved it!

The movie?

Inside Out, Disney Pixar’s brilliant story of the emotions (joy, sadness, disgust, fear and anger) inside an 11-year-old girl’s head. Hilarious, touching, well written, it’s what Disney Pixar does so wonderfully.

I will say that Phyllis Smith (AKA Phyllis from The Office) was perfectly cast as the voice of Sadness.

Question though … why were we the only people in the theater laughing at the jokes? Seriously, a theater packed with adults and kids, and nobody else was laughing. Where was the emotion of humor in these people? Everyone always writes about how they LOL’d but I didn’t hear anyone actually laugh out loud. Are we just that simple minded, or did we get jokes that nobody else got? Maybe it’s because we go to one or two movies a year so we’re just not accustomed to the ways of the theater. Either way, I was proud of the Five for their sense of humor, and not being afraid to laugh when a laugh was needed.

Lis rated the movie a 9. I gave it an 8. Lukas proudly stated a 9 and Lia went with a 10. Levi held up four fingers on both hands, maybe because of his age, maybe he actually thought it deserved an eight.

Afterwards we were quick to choose which emotion might be mostly-controlling each of us.


Lukas = Disgust
Not only does Lukas like the color green, but the current state of this almost 11-year-old is 95-percent disgust.

“Lukas take out the recycling!”
*Deep Sigh* “Ugh! Hold on!”

“What’s for dinner?”
“Rice and beans.”
“Ugh! I hate rice and beans!”

“Did you ask to be excused?”
“Your face is excused.”

You get the point.


Lia = Joy
She’s highly optimistic and recently she sits on the couch, arm wrapped around Dapper Dan, reading book after book after book after … 24 in three weeks. When she doesn’t have her nostrils on a page of a Junie B. Jones book she’s in her room playing dolls, or swinging on the swing set in the backyard, always talking to her many imaginary friends.

Levi = Joy
The family was split on Joy or Sadness, but overall he’s still an innocent 4-year-old that only talks and thinks about Avengers, Spider-Man or any other superhero that is from Lukas’ Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game. He’s a bit whiny, but mostly it’s a lot of laughs from Levi.

Mom Inside Out

Lis = Neutral … uh … Disgust
Okay, this was the hardest one. When we polled each other Lukas, Lia and myself came up with none for Lis. That’s kind of sad. Sounds like she has no emotions?! Not true. She just doesn’t favor one over the other. After a few hours we decided she tends to favor disgust just a bit more than all the other emotions. So by process of elimination we chose disgust.

Dad Anger

Kevin = Anger? Wait … what?!
Two out of three (Levi didn’t vote) chose Anger. Thank you Princess Lia for choosing Joy. To my defense, I am not an angry person. In fact, I think I’m more joy than anything else. However, when I get angry there is no “happy” medium. I go all in and flip my lid. Also note that in the past seven years I’ve gotten better with my anger management, however, Lis and Lukas, both well aware of how I used to be, remember that Dad got mad often, and furiously.

Which Inside Out character controls you most of the time?

And stay tuned for tomorrow as The Johnson Five list our Top 5 Disney Pixar movies EVER!

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  1. Good post. Read it!

    How are you buddy? Did you log into that blog you created for me? It was blocked here so I can’t use it. Bummer. It was super cool and I wish I could have developed it

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