Instant Reaction: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

As the rest of my family took off to do some recreational Black Friday shopping, I stayed home with the kids. My Black Friday had arrived, in the form of the much-anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII teaser trailer.

It was needed too. Not that Thanksgiving wasn’t disappointing. We had a wonderful time spending time together as a family. Personally, Tony Romo (or his offensive line), Matt Forte (or the “strategy” to not even try to run on Detroit’s defensive line) and Anquan Boldin (or Colin Kaepernick), had horrible starts putting a wrench in a possible No. 2 seed, and my nine-game winning streak.

But it’s only a game. It’s just fun. It’s just fantasy. Blah, blah and blah.

Friday morning I woke up with two things on my mind, did I receive Reggie Wayne off waivers (I did!), and did Star Wars release the trailer.

They did!

My instant reaction included goosebumps, and a little bit of welling up.

If you’ve read my blog long enough you know that I heart Star Wars.

My oldest is named Lukas, and that’s for a reason. My boyhood hero was Luke Skywalker, a character that will make his return – though not in this trailer – in next year’s movie.

I had been looking forward to this trailer for months, and to me it didn’t disappoint.

Note to self (or anyone else that truly loves something): Don’t read the comments from non-fans on the Internet. People are negative. All they want to do is rip apart something that is 88-seconds long, and is meant to be a tease. Plus, you’ll often find a lot of hate comments, which continues to make me more and more disappointed in the world we live in.

Here is this fanboy’s (and his aforementioned son’s) instant reaction and then a mini-breakdown:

I love that they faded in and out of little sequences. I loved the music, first intense and then closing it out with the main theme – and the Millennium Falcon, which brought on the bumps and the tears.I loved that they introduced us to our likely new heroes, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. I loved that they showed us something old: the Falcon, X-Wings, a new look at the Stormtroopers. I loved that they gave us a glimpse at, likely, our new villain. And, they even gave the kids something to get excited about, a robot-soccer ball thing. I loved it!

Now to the breakdown:

The trailer opens with what appears to be the Tatooine desert. My first thought is, “Will we just see the desert for 78 seconds and then see the Falcon fly by?” But no, a voice, “There’s been an awakening … have you felt it?”

Boyega in a Stormtrooper outfit pops up. He looks scared, or startled. Rumors have it that he’s one of our new heroes. Rumor has it he’s a rogue trooper. Has he crashed his ship on Tatooine?

Black screen.

The soccer ball robot cruises across the screen.

Black screen.

Our new look Stormtroopers look as though they are headed into battle.

Black screen.

Ridley, dressed like a simple Tatooine resident, sprints off on some sort of desert speeder bike.

Black screen.

Three X-Wings (my favorite ship in the series) hover over water. A X-Wing fighter, supposedly Oscar Isaac. The effects look great, love that they are near land. It’s something different. No I’m not worried that Star Wars, won’t take place in the stars.

Black screen.

“The Dark Side…” and we see our new villain, with a new look lightsaber. The blade not as clean as the old ones. Two smaller “blades” protect his hand, much like an old knight from King Arthur’s time. My guess is this is Adam Driver. The villain is tall and slender, much like the actor.

Black screen.

“And the light.” The Falcon appears, as do two TIE Fighters. We’re quickly brought back to the 1977 film with the music and the sound of the fighters. Goosebumps again!

Thanks. I needed to get that out. Now to watch it for a 15th time.

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