Five for Thirteen: My Goals for 2013

Let me start by posting my 2012 Picture of the Year:

The epitome of Johnson 5.
The epitome of the Johnson 5.

Yes, this picture sums up my life. The angry little bird in the background about to put a size 11 to her brother’s forehead. Big Baby up front upset because he’s either tired or more than likely it’s minutes past dinner time. Older brother in background doing his best to frustrate the angry bird. Dad slowly growing frustrated. And the one that holds us all together, Mama calm and collected. Yes, this is my life and for some reason I really love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything, though there are minutes in the day where … nevermind!

What does that picture have to do with my Five Goals for 2013? Absolutely nothing, except that my family is a part of my life and these goals are something I want to accomplish in my life so, I guess you can say it has something to do with my goals.

OK, now that the ice is broken I’m going to do what I’ve done in years past and recap the goals I set for last year and grade myself on how well I did in accomplishing those goals. I’ll follow those up with my 2013 goals. Again, if you’re like my dad and can only read things in 140 character increments then please scroll to the bottom of this post for the “Dad’s Cliff Notes Version.”

Let’s get started shall we?

2012 Goals:

Get the L’s to Brazil!

Grade: A+

It had been three years since Lis had seen her family. They had never met the aforementioned Big Baby. They’d last seen Lia when she was months old. Well if you followed my blog in 2012, you know that I sent my family to Brazil for 58 friggin’ days (the length of time allowing me to put a plus behind the grade)! They had a great time with her family. Birthday parties every weekend! Sunshine and swimming pools! I had a decent time spending time as a married bachelor. Sleeping diagonally on the bed, clutching my pillow tight, leaving the nightlight on.

Lis came home somewhat refreshed (after all she still had the kids) by spending a ton of time living with her family. Lia came back speaking solely Portuguese. Lukas missed spending time with his cousins of the almost-same age. Big Baby was fittingly dubbed “Bamm-Bamm” by her family.  And guess what! They actually came home and said they missed me! Goal accomplished!

Lose Weight! Seriously!

Grade: B+

The year before last, that’s 2011 for those scoring at home, I said I was never going to put weight loss on my list of goals – EVER! I had failed myself numerous times and I wasn’t going to do it again. And then last year I did it. I wanted to lose weight so I wasn’t “fat man in a tight shirt” during the Relay for Life. I was at 233-pounds when I wrote this last year (I actually “bottomed” out at 240 at one point last year). I’m happy to say that when I write this today I’m at 219. That means I lost 14 pounds last year.

How did I do that? If you read the ugly part of my 2012 Year in Review you’ll know how I did it. I ate way too many pieces of Meat Lover’s pizza. I chased the greasy pizza with 20 oz. of Pepsi. I came home that night and tried to down a chicken leg. I woke up at 2am with excruciating pain in my chest that didn’t go away with TUMS, Nintendo playing or good sex (just seeing if you were paying attention). We decided to visit the hospital, who sent me to the ER, who told me that I had a bad case of GERD and that if I didn’t take precautions I would end up with a torn up esophagus. So I cut out pop (dropped 5 pounds almost immediately), started drinking water at lunch and dinner and I started to walk or ride my bike to work. Just like that I was at 220 and have leveled off there even during the sweet-snacking holiday season. The only reason I didn’t give myself an A is because I wanted to be at 215. To be continued …

Taking Relay for Life to Another Level

Grade: A-

I’m sorry Jerry, I couldn’t give it a higher grade because we didn’t reach our Pacesetter goal. I’m sorry everyone else I couldn’t give it a lower grade because me, Jerry and the rest of the “Dream Team” did a heckuva job putting together an awesome Relay for Life event. We had a great turnout for Opening Ceremonies, and did what we strived to do which is to get the energy level up right away. We had an amazing turnout for Closing Ceremonies, something we wanted to improve on. Heck, we even received a standing ovation at the end of the event. It was awesome, worthy of the A grade but hopefully will be taken to yet another level in 2013.

Church People ARE Cool!

Grade: B-

My goal was to bring people into the church by throwing events that will make people want to attend church. I threw the events and hardly anyone showed up. It was disappointing. I originally gave this a C grade because of this, then I remembered how I got involved with the Youth and since then the numbers have risen to over 30 every Wednesday night, so though I didn’t help bring adults to church, the kids came and then they stayed and that’s worthy of a B- grade!

Get Settled In

Grade: A

As I wrote last year I spent a lot of time in 2011 getting frustrated with work. Not only did I have a 1 hour, 40 minute commute, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to remain a customer service person forever or if I wanted to go out and do my own thing. Well when I wrote last year’s goal the wheels were already in motion for me to start my own little branch of a Nationwide office. It happened in March, and though I struggled during the summer, I bounced back and now have the confidence going into 2013 to make it a successful one. Thanks Butlers!

2013 Goals:

First, there are always goals that I want to achieve that I don’t write down on this list because they would be on here every year. Goals like being a better husband and a more patient father, continuing to work on my anger management issues and continuing to follow Christ, and be a good Christian example to both my kids and “my” Yutes. Those are tough to do these days. We’re all human and we all make mistakes and when you’re in that leadership role, especially with Younglings, the spotlight is on you. And unfortunately most are looking for you to screw up.

Those are the goals that I strive to attain every day of my life, now and forever.

Then there are far-fetched goals like wanting to go to Indianapolis to see Peyton Manning’s return when the Colts host the Broncos sometime next fall or winter. Or the goal of wanting to buy that souped-up Toyota Tacoma I’ve wanted for years. Sure if I destroy it in the policy-writing world then it could be possible but I know I made a promise to Lis, myself and even some friends and family that in 2014 we’re headed to the World Cup in Brazil, so buying that truck isn’t going to make it easier on me when I need to spend a small country on airline tickets next year.

So, yah, there are the everyday goals, the far-fetched goals and then these five goals. Goals that are obtainable, though hard work, dedication and some heart are required.

Celebrate No. 10

Sounds easy right? Celebrate our 10th anniversary? Piece of cake. Except that in 10 years we’ve really only done something once, and that was Anniversary No. 1 where we went to Victoria. Other than that it’s been dinner and a movie for most of those 10 years, though last year we managed a hike, which was actually pretty fun. I guess that’s what happens when you throw in three kids, a bout of cancer, buying a house and starting your own insurance office all within 10 years. Geez, I sound like I’m grown up. Ha! Either way I’d like to spend a weekend together for No. 10, remembering why we have lasted 10 years. Easy enough? Check back in May.

The $50K Club

I actually don’t know if there is a $50K club, but I do know that I want to write $50K in business (premiums) in one month. This goal may fall under the “far-fetched” category but I’m going to try to do it. It’s only a couple of big commercial policies mixed in with a few personal policies. Not that bad right? Well, kinda considering the most I’ve written in one month is $13K. Still, $50K is my goal. Why did I pick $50K? Because the people I partner with in Boise said that I can buy dinner for us all when I have my first $50K month, until I reach that goal they are buying dinner. I don’t like having people buy me dinner all the time. Well I do but I don’t, if you know what I mean. Oh, plus a $50K month will go a long way in helping me buy those plane tickets to Brazil next year. For not-the-last time … buy insurance from me!

Eu Quero Falar Portugues

Not that I can’t speak Portuguese, or can’t get through a conversation in Portuguese but I want to learn it. I mean really learn it. Learn it so that when I hear people speak it I don’t need to self translate it in my head before I respond back. Learn it so that I can understand all Portuguese speakers and not just Lis, Lukas, Lia and my mother-in-law. Learn it so that I don’t get a headache when I try to follow a conversation with my in-laws. Learn it so that Lis doesn’t get upset with me when I don’t know how to repeat a jingle she sings to Levi every time he is running to the toilet. Learn it because it’s been 10 years and I should actually know it more than I know it, which again, isn’t saying that I don’t know it because I can understand more than I lead on but I’m just self-conscious when it comes to speaking it. Learn it so that next year I can write this entire paragraph in Portuguese and you’ll all (yes, all four of you) will be impressed.


This year’s Relay for Life theme is “Dream Big. Relay Bigger.” So we sat down with the Committee and thought, “How can we dream big yet still relay bigger?” We came up with 200/200, meaning $200,000 in total funds raised with 200 Survivors for Opening Ceremony. Our high is $156K. Our Survivor high is 121. These are big goals but for a community our size, they are not lofty goals. We can do this! We will do this!

What’s the other 200 for? Well it goes back to that whole weight loss thing again. Since I was able to drop almost 15 pounds this year, I thought I could probably try to drop another 15. This will take more work and discipline but if I can get down to 200 that’d be pretty awesome, considering years ago I wanted to be at 215. Again, this could end up being a far-fetched goal but as of today I was in at 219. Let’s see where I’m at next year.

Don’t Speak Too Soon!

What I’m trying to say is that I need to keep my mouth shut sometimes without expressing my opinion to family and friends. Sometimes I give my opinion or my concern and it comes across like I’m worrying about something, when actually I’m just trying to find out how many darn people are going to show up to our house for my kid’s birthday party. Sounds reasonable right? Except that it isn’t and I get “Don’t worry about it Kevin” responses from numerous sources. Yuck! I hate that phrase, and I don’t hate a lot of things.

But that doesn’t stop there. What I also am trying to say is that I’m not going to jump on Facebook the moment a thought crosses my mind and post it. This is harder than it seems because I’m online all day and just got started with a Smartphone. New Year’s Eve we got home, I had a great time with my Yutes and I wanted to post something about it. Why? Not sure. I can just tell them how I feel next time I see them. I got halfway through my status update before I realized it’s 2am and I need to start off on the right foot.

New Year’s Day we had a Star Wars movie day planned. Instead my buddy, who just moved from San Diego to Olympia, needed help unpacking a trailer of his stuff. I wanted to write “Movie Day turned into Moving Day…” and about how sometimes it feels good to feel like a superhero. Trust me, it doesn’t seem like much but if you saw the dejected look on his face when we arrived, you’d feel like you played a superhero to someone too! I held off. I left my phone in the car and didn’t snap Instagram pictures or didn’t post a message.

Don’t worry Moms I’ll still post photos, continue to link to stories from PopBlerd! and might even post my “Daily Updates” in this here blog but I’m going to do my best to not pester those on Facebook with nonsense updates, though I won’t totally cut myself off, after all you all seemed to enjoy my 58 Things I Learned While Being Home Alone.

There you have it!

Oh, here are “Dad’s Cliff Notes Version”:

  • Spend a Weekend with Lis for our 10th Anniversary!
  • Write $50,000 in premium in one month.
  • Learn to speak Portuguese fluently.
  • As a Relay, raise $200,000 and get 200 survivors at the event. Also, drop 19 pounds to 200.
  • Make you (Dad) stop saying, “Don’t worry about it Kevin.”

If you’re interested in Goals of past you can find them here:

2012; 2011; 2010; 2009; 2008; 2007

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