Bucket List Endorsement: Ten Vacations I Want to Take!

It’s been over three years since I last took a vacation. Vacation meaning a trip that’s sole purpose is to chill. Thus “vacation” excludes Las Vegas weddings, road trips to move the Grandparents, and business trips to Boise; the only trips I’ve taken since our Brazil excursion in 2009.

Life has been kind of hectic, what with three kids, a new business, co-chairing the ACS Relay for Life, co-coordinating the church’s youth group (by the way extremely thankful for those co-people), co-coordinating events at the church, helping out with Lukas’s Little League team, studying for my life insurance exam, all while trying to write new business so that I can continue doing what I’ve actually enjoyed doing the last couple of months.

I don’t want to make excuses, especially since the above are things that I’ve gotten myself into, but let’s just say I’m looking forward to July 1 when all of the above (minus writing new business) will be off my plate for awhile. Yes, even the kids will be on the lower side of the planet, thousands of miles away – on vacation!

I’m sure I’ll find ways to bury myself in projects. I tend to do that. I don’t learn! Still there should be fewer obligations and more time for my mind to relax. I’m sure the minute everything is done my head will feel like a bear in hibernation.

With all that said I thought it would be best to take a few minutes and write up an entry that I’ve been wanting to write for a few months: Ten Vacations I Want to Take!

Lucky for me I’ve found a hobby that allows my mind to take a “vacation”. That hobby being writing nonsense. Writing allows me to slip away for a bit, to take a break from the many thoughts that zoom in and out of my mind throughout the course of the day, and often in the middle of the night! My dreams are whacked out!

So, I don’t consider this entry a distraction from my studying but a break to getaway away from insurance lingo, often not the most exciting topic to put your nose into.

And what a better way to take a mind vacation then writing a list of vacations I want to someday take! And you all know I love me some lists. If not you can find a list of my blogs that have included lists here.

Okay, since it’s late and I should get to bed, here are 10 vacations that I would like to take before God decides to take me away.

I’ve listed the title of the vacation, $ on a scale of $ – $$$$$ to represent the amount of money this vacation may take and age range of how old the kiddos (or I) should be when this happens. I then put them in order of how badly I want to go on this vacation.

Honorable Mention: World Cup 2014

You always have to have an Honorable Mention when you’re making lists so I’m going with my World Cup 2014 vacation as Honorable Mention. The reason it’s Honorable Mention (do I need to keep capitalizing “Honorable Mention”? I can Google it but it’s much better to write more nonsense since my fingers are continually flying on the keyboard) … the reason it’s honorable mention (did that on purpose) is because Brazil is our second home and going to the World Cup in 2014 would not particularly be a different vacation for us, other than I’m sure I’ll run into a few more English speaking people down there and there’s a chance I can attend a soccer game.

No. 10 – Aloha Hawaii!: ($$$$; 10-65)

It’s been 20 years since Johnsonville relocated from Kailua, Hawaii to Monroe, Washington. I’ll wait for the “What?! Why?!” thoughts in your head to go away. OK … it’s also been 20 years since I last stepped foot on the Hawaiian Islands. Lis actually had plans to visit Hawaii while she was here as an au pair. Then she met some dude, who took her to some place called Lake Powell (see No. 7). Then she married some dude who took her nowhere! I thought it might be nice to go back and show the wife and kids where I lived. We had a great little neighborhood filled with kids our age so I have fond memories of my time in Hawaii. Plus Hawaii is … Hawaii!

No. 9 – Happiest Place on Earth: Star Wars Celebration and some Disneyworld! ($$$; 6-15)

Star Wars Celebration is the biggest collection of Star Wars geeks around. And usually these geeks get together in Orlando, Florida where the Happiest Place on Earth has its East Coast Headquarters. Why not kill two birds with one lightsaber?

No. 8 – Cruisin’: Cruise ($$$$, 8-20)

Yes. I want to go on a cruise. No. I haven’t been on a cruise. Yes. I know everyone and their mother and grandmother seemed to have gone on a cruise. Well we haven’t so back off!

I think, depending on the kids ages, a Disney cruise would be fun! The end.

No. 7 – I’m On A Boat: Revisiting Lake Powell ($$; 4-65)

This has been a Johnsonville favorite for years now – except that we haven’t done it in 10 years. We did do it three times in seven years and that’s renting a houseboat and spending a week on the waters of Lake Powell. One of the most relaxing vacations you’ll ever have (as long as you go with the right people). Get 15 of your closest friends or family, rent a houseboat and spend the week cruising the lake, innertubing, hiking, camping, swimming and relaxing! The best part? The water is perfect and it’s about 75 degrees. It doesn’t even make your winky want to shrink!

Here are a couple of photos from our last trip to Lake Powell.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No. 6 – The City Slickers Trip: Cattle Drive ($$$; 55-65)

I’ve always wanted to do this … a real cattle drive with two of my best friends, bonding like we’ve never bonded before, finding that “one thing” in life.

Then one of my best friends said it sounded like work and he didn’t want to do work, especially since he does work at work and me, having a desk job, wouldn’t understand what that was like. Obviously he missed the meaning of the trip.

I then thought about doing it with my dad and brothers. That still seems like a possibility but I can see a lot of yelling and screaming, so I’m going to pretend that the relationship with my sons will be absolutely perfect and we’ll hold off until their mid-20s (or even later) when they may want to hang out with their dad. Probably won’t happen but it won’t stop me from dreaming about chasing cows, on a horse, while riding through the Montana canyons.

Future Kevin, check this site out: Montana Cattle Drives

No. 5 – The Steel Drum Vacation: Caribbean Islands ($$$, 45-60)

I’ve always wanted to sip on an umbrella drink while sitting at a bar that is in the ocean water.

I’ve always wanted to experience the Beach Boys song “Kokomo”.

I’ve always wanted to sit on the beach and listen to the steel drums, while sipping on an umbrella drink.

And I’ve always envisioned it being in theVirgin Islands!

Yah mon! I dig it!

No. 4 – Say Hey There’s Lunch On Me!: Baseball Camp ($$$$; 40-60)

Another vacation idea stolen from City Slickers. Unlike the cattle drive this might be one that said-friend may want to do, though it’s still a little bit of work.

Since the San Diego Padres don’t currently have a fantasy camp, I’ll pick Dave Henderson’s Baseball Adventures held annually inPeoria,Arizona. It’s a week-long camp with daily baseball instructions, games, plus you get roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations, breakfast and lunch and it’s only $3900. Shoot, I’ll write that check today!

Future Kevin, check this site out unless the Padres all of a sudden have a fantasy camp: Dave Henderson Baseball Adventures

No. 3 – The Rock & Canyon Trip: Southwestern Road Trip ($$; 6-16)

One of my fondest memories when I was a kid was when we took a trip to Zion National Park that also included the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Mesa Verde and the Four Corners (Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico). I want to experience that with my kids, along with showing them the history of the lower Western corner of the United States. Plus, I’ve pretty much trapped Lis in the North Westernest part of the country and I want her to see what makes America beautiful. Not just the snow-capped mountains and Evergreen trees but rocks and a giant hole in the ground!

No. 2 – If You Build It We Will Come: Baseball Road Trip ($$$$$; 8-18)

Field of Dreams, Wrigley Field, Cooperstown, Fenway Park- as a baseball fan these are four must-see places. And actually, if you told me I was going to die and that I could visit five places, these four would be on the list of five. Not sure what the fifth would be so … these four would be the four.

I figure with the layout of the land we can hit all four of these and probably more on a 3-week journey during the summer. We’ll start in Seattle, spend two days driving through nothing (the awesomeness of living in the Northwest – we are close to absolutely NOTHING and it takes FOREVER to get anywhere!) before we hit up the Field of Dreams, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Pittsburgh before we hit Boston and Cooperstown. It can happen! It will happen!

Future Kevin, this site was helpful: Baseball Road Trip

No. 1 – The Once-Promised Honeymoon: Italy with a Touch of Europe ($$$, 50-60)

I’ve always told Lis that she’ll know when we’re on our honeymoon. She’ll be sipping wine on the streets of Rome, Italy.

Reason No. 32 we stopped having kids: Because we said the minute we shipped our last kid off to college she and I would be on a plane to Italy. If we keep having kids that time may never come so … Ciao Levi, Mamma e Papa stanno lasciando.

Lis and I joked (though at the time it didn’t feel like a joke) about visiting Italy together way back in 2002 when we were just “friends” and were complaining about our ex-“friends” and how we wanted to runaway from our issues. Ha!

Life changes and 10 years later here we are waiting to go on our real honeymoon.

Note: We did go on a one-day honeymoon taking a boat trip on the river in the small town Lis is from, Barra Bonita.

Note II: Why Italy? Lis’s middle name, and her mom’s maiden name is Stevanato. It doesn’t get much more Italian than that. Her parents are both second-generation Italians. Lukas, whose middle name is also Stevanato, loves pasta. She thinks she should go back and visit relatives that doesn’t know she exists.

Note III: I want to hit up France, England, Germany, Switzerland…Europe while we’re over there. Might as well. Plus I’m some-sorta-generation European of some sort.

There you are! Ten vacations I want to take! You can help me out by sending money to “Send Kevin on Vacation, PO Box 591, Sultan, WA 98294” or get a jump start by buying insurance from me! It’s that simple!

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