My First Stitches

I accomplished a first in my life this Friday. Register it in my Baby Book under My First Stitches – Friday, May 21, 2011 (33 years, 229 days old).

That’s right I’ve never had stitches in my life but now I have two in the most uncomfortable of places. If you haven’t guessed it already, I got the duo in a quick in-and-out “procedure” that took about as long as the reason I got it done. Call it the “No More Kid Procedure”.

Yep, Lis and I have decided that three’s enough. I think we just liked the sound of The Johnson Five too much that we decided it’s best that we stop now before it becomes the “Seriously? Six?” I don’t know, best I could come up with right now.

There wasn’t even much discussion about whether or not to do it. Once lil’ Levi arrived healthy and with six fingers on each hand…wait a second…Lis and I decided I needed to get this taken care of. I never doubted the decision to get The Procedure done. I wasn’t even nervous about it until we were a block away from the doctor’s office and two minutes before the doctor poked a giant needle in my … HELLO!

I think I would’ve had some doubts if we had done what we thought we wanted to do and stop after two. Sure we had our “perfect” little family. The hot wife (sorry my anniversary is just days away so I need to earn some much needed bonus points), the one boy, the one girl and the house with a porch. We were just missing the dog and the white picket fence. Instead we (okay, I) messed up and we ended up having a third kid. But as I mentioned in a prior post Lis and I come from more-than-two-kid families. Lis has three sisters, I have two brothers and both of us have wonderful relationships with our siblings and with our spouse’s siblings. I have three sisters I never had. Lis has two brothers that she (wish she) never had. We are truly blessed in the family department.

So now we have our Johnson Five!

Quick off-the-path note on how the “Johnson Five” came to be. First, I know it’s totally a spinoff on the Jackson Five but for some reason my parents and the three boys (aka my brothers and I) were never called the Johnson Five. I mean, c’mon, this was my Mom’s favorite band growing up and she didn’t even think about it. Then one of the older ladies from the Older Lady Aisle at church sent us a congratulations card congratulating the Johnson Five. I thought, “I’m totally using it!” And I have – five times already in this post!

After eight weeks I’m totally excited about having three kids. Now ask me when Levi hits two, Lia is four (going on 12) and Lukas is eight and I’ll probably have grey hair and a different answer for you.

I started to write an entry about the picture I am using as my header but I think it needs its own post so … hear from me soon!

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