A Mother’s Day Letter to my Mom

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day 2011! I tried to write another sappy “You’re the Best!” Mother’s Day letter but I think I’ve told you every year about how much I love you. You really are the best and, as much as people think it’s a joke, I’m very proud to tell people, “I’m my Mother’s daughter.” I am. There’s no denying it or getting around it. Thirty-three (and a half) years later and I’ve come to grips with the fact that I am the daughter my mother always wanted. Thank you!

As a father to now three kids, I consistently get frustrated with the numerous things Lukas and Lia do (Levi gets away with an exception since he’s just six weeks old). Most of these things they do are probably the same things that I did to you when I was a kid. So, instead of doing my best to attempt to make you cry (hopefully I accomplished that in my first paragraph, if I have then you may wipe away the tear, if you haven’t then I’ll wait until next year), I’m going to do my best to apologize to you for the things that my kid’s are getting me back at for doing to you. I’m sorry!

♥         I’m sorry for not listening to you the first, second and third times you asked me to do something.

♥         I’m sorry for refusing to pick up my toys when you asked me those three different times and in three different tones.

♥         I’m sorry for only picking up half of those toys before you finally gave up and picked up the rest for me.

♥         I’m sorry for taking so long to get ready in the morning.

♥         I’m sorry for pouting when I didn’t like the dinner – probably goulash – you had worked hard to make for us.

♥         I’m sorry for not going to bed on time and for the continuous excuses that I may have given you when I popped out of the bedroom such as, “I can’t fall asleep”, “I need to use the bathroom”, “I’m afraid of the dark”. Okay, so this last one wasn’t an excuse.

♥         I’m sorry for turning the light on and sprinting down the hallway leaving you to turn off the light for me. Note: Lukas and Lia don’t do this but I thought I should apologize anyway.

♥         I’m sorry but there WERE boogeymen wanting to leap out of each room in the house thus me having to turn on the hallway light!

♥         I’m sorry for making you yell at me first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

♥         I’m sorry for crying WAY more than I ever should have.

♥         I’m sorry for making you read a book to me more than once when you just wanted to sit down, relax and watch “Dallas”.

♥         I’m NOT sorry that you influenced my taste in music, especially Motown. Since it is Mother’s Day I’ll post ex-Motown artist Boyz II Men’s “A Song for Mama”.

♥         I’m sorry for not perfecting my aim when I went pee in the bathroom. Note: Lis wanted me to tell you that this has still NOT been perfected.

♥         I’m sorry for annoying my siblings when they were actually behaving.

♥         I’m sorry for fighting with my siblings.

♥         I’m sorry for refusing to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels.

♥         I’m sorry for replying “No!” to everything you said even if I wanted to take a bath.

♥         I’m sorry for getting carsick after a 15-minute drive. Note: Lukas gets carsick after 10 minutes NOT 15.

♥         I’m sorry that I stopped kissing and hugging you on a regular basis.

♥         I’m sorry that you made me wear yellow pants, a blue sweatshirt and huge Airwalk shoes to school.

♥         I’m NOT sorry that Erik had to wear the red pants and the red-striped shirt along with me.

♥         I’m sorry that I made you watch me perform silly dances in front of you. Oh wait, this one’s for my Father’s Day letter.

♥         I’m sorry that this is all I came up with.

♥         I’m sorry you (and Dad) are probably going to let me know what things I missed.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love you!


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