Wild Wild Weekend – January 8, 2007

It was a wild weekend for the Wild Cards. The NFL playoffs opened up this past weekend with the Wild Card weekend and boy was it wild.

Here is a look at all four games with the wild moment of each game:

Miracle at Qwest Field – Seahawks 21, Cowboys 20

Nothing this weekend was wilder than the way the Seattle Seahawks were able to pull out a victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Wild Moment of the Game: There are actually two to choose from but I’ll pick the one that had the bigger impact of the game. Dallas quarterback Tony Romo botching the hold for a 19-yard field goal attempt that would’ve given the Cowboys the lead and pretty much the game. Romo couldn’t get the hold down then sprinted toward the end zone before Jordan Babineaux made a diving save of the Hawks season.

Runner-up: Seahawks rookie cornerback Kelly Jennings forced a fumble from Cowboys receiver Terry Glenn at the 2-yard line. Originally called a touchdown after five Seahawks tried to recover the fumble in the end zone, the play was reversed and called a safety because linebacker Lofa Tatupa’s right foot stepped out of bounds.

It was a crazy finish to a wild game. I’m a strong believer in thinking wins like these help lead you to championships. Time and time again teams have proven this to be true. Whether it be an odd bounce on a routine groundball out, a fan interfering with a fly ball, or a game-saving tackle by your quarterback you have to have games like these to get you to the next step. The next couple of weeks will tell us if the Seahawks are a team of destiny. Right now I’m beginning to believe. Prediction: Seahawks 21, Bears 17

About that Defense – Colts 23, Chiefs 8

All week long everyone talked about how Larry Johnson and the Chiefs were going to run all over the Colts. Johnson’s final line: 13 carries for 32 yards. His longest run of the night? Six yards.

While the Colts defense did a good job of stopping the run, the Chiefs offense did a better job of stopping themselves.

Kansas City didn’t get a first down until 3 minutes remained in the third quarter and the Chiefs finished with 7 first downs and 126 yards of total offense. Compare that to Colts running back Joseph Addai and his 148 yards of total offense (122 rushing, 26 receiving) and it’s going to be a long day.

Wild Moment of the Game: After Ty Law picked off Peyton Manning and ran it back 43 yards to the Colts 9 yard line, the Chiefs messed up three chances to push the ball into the end zone. Larry Johnson had two rushes getting the ball down to the 2-yard line and then on third-and-2 Trent Green either slipped or his foot was stepped on causing a fourth-and-2. So out came the field goal unit for a 23-yard attempt by Lawrence Tynes. Tynes shanks the ball and it hits the left upright. No good! Colts regain possession and retain the lead at 6-0.

The Colts will play the Ravens in Baltimore this weekend. I still believe in the Colts and think if the defense plays like it did Saturday then they’ll contain the Baltimore offense. Colts 13, Ravens 6.

One Good Field Goal Kicker – Eagles 23, Giants 20

There was at least one good field goal made this weekend. That game off the foot of Philadelphia Eagles kicker David Akers. Akers hit a clutch 38-yard field goal as time expired advancing the Eagles over the Giants.

This came after the Giants drove 80 yards in seven minutes and overcame a second and 30. The Eagles then went 46 yards in five minutes setting up Akers game winner.

I was rooting for the Giants because I had wanted to see Tiki Barber’s career last a bit longer. Instead the Eagles get a match up with my pick for NFC champion the New Orleans Saints. Saints 35, Eagles 21.

That Tom Brady Guy – Patriots 37, Jets 16

Tom Brady again proved why he’s the best in the business when it comes to the postseason. Brady threw for 212 yards and two touchdowns as the Patriots turned a 23-16 game into a blowout.

The best team in the postseason this century, the Patriots now travel to San Diego to face my pick for Super Bowl champ, the Chargers. My pick: Chargers 30, Patriots 14.

Throughout the year Josh and I make our picks using the point spread from the newspaper. We bet a whopping $1 a week and at the end of the year the loser pays up. Thanks to my 3-1 week (darn you Jets for not covering) I’m up 5-4! Whoohoo!

Okay, sorry for boring you all with my football talk. Have a great week!

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