Ten Days I’ll Never Forget – September 28, 2006

I thought I’d mix it up a bit since the last two lists were dealing with movies. Thought I’d get back to some of my personal stuff, stuff that is easier to write about.

Do you ever think about what your 10 best days of your life were? What about your 10 worst days? I know, being a lover of lists, I do. Well actually I don’t think of the 10 best or worst days, but I think about days that I’ll never forget whether they be happy or sad. So I’ve compiled a list of ten days that I’ll never forget. Since I tend to write a bit much on these subjects I’ve decided to break them down to five days per list.

They are not in any order, just 10 memories that will forever be stuck in my mind and heart.

To make it more fun I’ve labeled them all like the “Friends” episodes were labeled. For example: TOW Rachel Finds Out is actually The One Where Rachel Finds Out.

TOW the Unforgettable Camping Trip – October 16-17, 2004                        

My parent’s had been bugging us to go on a camping trip with them for months. “Let’s take the motor home and go toLeavenworth,” my Mom said. And we finally agreed, but only after the doctor told us that Lis looked fine and that we had nothing to worry about.

Lis was pregnant and nine days away from her due date.

The trip up was fine and we had a nice time walking through the Bavarian village. We had lunch, I bought a new wallet and we ate ice cream. Later that evening we decided to press on and ended up in the town of Cle Elum. We parked the motor home and let the dogs run around. Dad and I rented a movie from the RV Park and we all sat and watched it when Lis began complaining about pain in her stomach.

The movie ended and we all went to bed. She continued to complain about sharp pains but nothing serious. As the night progressed so did her sharp pains. She was unable to sleep and I was to. We were nervous and unsure if Lis was in labor. My Mom came out of the bedroom and asked different questions. Lis just wasn’t acting like she was in serious pain. I checked my father book that I was reading. All the symptoms sounded like symptoms of labor. Finally after the pain got closer and closer and we began to think, “maybe Lis is in labor and we’re out in the sticks in our motor home, maybe we should go.” At 3:30am I woke my parent’s up and asked my Dad if we could go, we were worried that Lis might be in labor.

We got home around 6am and decided to wait a bit, as Lis was still not showing strong signs of labor pain. I got some sleep while Lis tried to get some rest. My parents showed up around noon and about an hour later we decided to take the ½-block trip to the hospital.

The maternity nurses weren’t convinced that Lis was in labor (I originally wrote ‘pregnant’…oops, no Lis looked pregnant. Thanks to BJB for bringing that to my attention). They asked her questions about the amount of pain she was in and how often her contractions were. They were happening very close together, but again she didn’t seem like she was in a lot of pain. The nurses asked if we wanted to go home and come back when she was in more pain or if she wanted to be hooked up to a machine to see how serious her contractions were. After hooking her up they were convinced. She was in labor and she was going to have that baby soon. They were all shocked that Lis was not showing any signs of pain. She’s one tough cookie, my wifey.

A couple hours later we were told that Lis would have to deliver via a c-section. Her platelets were too low and delivering naturally would be too dangerous for both her and the baby. The doctor gave us a minute to think about it and we both cried. We had wanted to do thing naturally and the thought that her platelets were low had us scared for the baby and her. Later we found out that Lukas’ face was pointing toward her back so she would’ve a tough delivery. Little did we know that this word “platelets” would come back to haunt us months later.

At 4:41pm, the doctors delivered Lukas. I was able to watch them deliver him and didn’t get queasy at all. He didn’t cry very much so they had to flick his feet and clear his throat because he took a deep gulp. He was gray and occasionally stopped breathing, which scared the crap out of me. But it’s all part of being born. I couldn’t believe it, I was in shock, and I was a father. I got to walk him to the room and introduce him to his grandparents and uncles. It was an amazing feeling and an experience I’ll treasure forever.

TOW “Bippy-Baby” – June 6, 1986

Out of all my memorable days this one is the hardest to recollect. I’m still surprised that I remember the date, the score, who they were playing and who scored the winning run. I knew it went into extra innings but I thought it ended in 10 innings, not 11. Anyway, before I continue, let me introduce to my second memorable moment — my very first baseball game.

The date was June 6, 1986, a Friday (didn’t remember that either, thanks to http://www.baseball-almanac.com I have been able to fix the things that I wasn’t certain of) and the San Diego Padres were playing the visiting Atlanta Braves.

I was 9-year old and had won the tickets by selling the most Scout Fair tickets in my Cub Scout troop.

I don’t remember much other than my Mom fell in love with one of the Padres players named Bip Roberts. Bip scored all three runs that night including the game-winning run in the bottom of the 11th-inning and was named the player of the game. Mom liked him because of that and because he was a cute, little guy (he was 5-feet, 7-inches, and was in his first year). She even called him “Bippy-baby!”

I had a lot of fun that night and it forever changed my life. After that I wanted to be a professional baseball player. I made up an imaginary baseball league (I was the league MVP in 1986 too!), did stats on the computer (on my Dad’s Apple) and memorized the players, their stats and their height and weights.

That Friday night forever changed my life (sorry Lis, Mom, Dad, and anyone else that I let baseball get in the way of…hehe) and probably Lukas’ life too! Hehe!

TOW the Beach in Rio – January 6, 2003

Before you look at the date and think, why the heck were they on a beach in January? Remember that I was on a beach in Brazil and it’s summer then.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, my next unforgettable day actually takes place at night. I had been visiting Lis for nearly a month in Brazil and wanted to see more of the country, preferably Rio de Janeiro. We got a four-day package and would be traveling with a tour group.

Our first day was busy. We spent most of the time on the bus and at a small town called Paraty. After we got cleaned up and had dinner we decided to take a walk along the beach. Before our walk we had gotten into a small argument. I was upset over something petty and probably because I was nervous about what I had planned to do and didn’t want it to be ruined.

As we walked along the beach we sat and listened to the waves crash. We cautiously watched these kids run back and forth behind us. Like any big city, Rio has its share of crime, and people especially Americans, ere quick to point this out to me before I traveled to Brazil (I’ve been there three times and still have my wallet).

I continued to struggle with words as I thought about if I wanted to pop the question and how I wanted to do it. I thought about how I instantly clicked with her family and how it seemed like they enjoyed me. I thought about how my family instantly fell in love with her. I thought about how we got along so well and how good she looked to me the minute I stepped off the plane and saw her. I finally got the guts, decided that this is what I wanted to do and asked her. Sort of. It took me, what felt like, 30 minutes to get the question out of my mouth. When I finally did she said…”yeah”, as if I was pulling her chain. It didn’t feel real until later when I began to tell everyone that I was engaged.

I’ll always remember that night, the waves crashing and me stumbling over the words “Will you uh…will…uh…will you…(tear)…um…do you think…no, no…will you (second tear)…um…if…uh…will you…” you get the point.

TOW I Get Hitched – May 24, 2003

Since I’ve started with the proposal I think I’ll continue on with the next big step. The actual getting married part.

The second time I flew down to Brazil I stayed four months and within those four months Lis and I got married. It wasn’t a spectacular wedding but it was short and sweet and full of memorable moments.

My first memorable moment came the minute my plane touched down in Sao Paulo. I entered the terminal hoping to be greeted by my fiancée; instead there was nobody there to greet me. I took a deep breath and said she’ll be here soon. So I waited and waited and waited and then the panic struck me. I bought a phone card and called my parents, they had not heard from Lis. Not able to speak Portuguese I asked a fellow Brazilian to call my soon-to-be in-laws and ask if they had heard from her. They hadn’t. I was scared. What if something happened to Lis? I didn’t know what to do. I sat and waited then got up and looked around and then returned. I thought every girl that walked by would be Lis, but it wasn’t. Finally two hours later she arrived. She had been waiting at a different terminal. This was not a good way to start this trip.

Our second bad sign came on May 23rd, the day before our wedding. It poured down rain all day long. I mean POURED! The electricity went out, the roads were flooded, and the 45-minute drive to her parent’s house that day was awful, I had never seen Lis so stressed or upset in my life.

We didn’t worry too much as the ceremony was taking place inside, but still, we had to drive 45-minutes back to where the ceremony would be held and plus, nobody wants to look back at their wedding and remember the horrid rain.

The morning of our wedding I woke up and the sun was shining. Everything had cleared up and it looked beautiful out. We arrived at the place where the ceremony was going to take place and I called my family. My parents, unable to fly down, were on speakerphone along with Randy and my Uncle Jeff. My Mom asked me how Lis looked and I told her, breaking down in tears, that she looked beautiful. She did. I had never seen her all dressed up, make-up and hair done; she looked absolutely stunning.

I kept crying every time I thought about my family not being here. It was tough knowing that they were not going to be able to be here or listen to the ceremony. I was wrong.

We went through the ceremony and then the cell phone rang. It was my parents. Lis told the Judge that my parents were on the phone and he said he would do the ceremony over again for them. So we did it again, which made everyone happy knowing that my family was able to listen to it from the comfort of their own home.

Being an emotional person it was an emotional, yet beautiful day. To this day every time I hear U2’s “Beautiful Day” I think of our wedding day. It turned out great, we had a nice lunch with my new family, every one looked good.

I will forever remember the horrid rain that preceded our wedding day but will forever remember the sun shining, my parents being able to “attend” the ceremony, and the beautiful woman that I took as my wife. Oh man was she hot!

TOW the After Party – August 30, 2003

My family loves parties and celebrations and reasons to drink and dance so it wasn’t a surprise that my parent’s had planned a reception in the United States for Lis and I when we returned.

They hadn’t had the chance to celebrate our wedding and they weren’t going to let the chance pass without having fun.

The night before the reception we had a “bachelor” party that included Lis, my Mom, and my Aunt Sandy, along with my buddies Dennis, Josh, Ian, Ian, my brothers, Dad, Uncle Jeff and Uncle Sherman. We took a limo to the Mariners game. That was fun, but not as fun as the next day when everyone got dressed up and partied.

What I remember about that day is the cake that made everyone’s tongue blue and the DJ that was stressing over the music to play because we had a lot of people my age, a lot of people older than my parent’s and no happy in between. I remember my brothers and Ian Barnes gave speeches. Ian was the only one of my friends that had known Lis when we first dated. I remember a lot of dancing and my Uncle Jeff as the bartender. I remember a lot of dancing and good food too!

But the thing I remember most, and that makes this day one of my most memorable is it was the last day that all of my close friends and I got together and had a great time. We’ve all moved on, which happens after you get married. Dennis lives in California and got married and has a kid. Ian Dowrey keeps busy with work. Ian Barnes keeps busy with school. And you all know about Josh and my brothers. I see all of them on occasion, and still keep in good contact with them, but we’ll probably never hang out, all of us together again for another night of partying. Life happens and times change, there’s nothing you can do about it.

But for that one night in August, we all got together, sung “Sweet Caroline” like they do in the movie “Beautiful Girls” and had a fun time…Lis and the boys. I’ll never forget that night.

2 thoughts on “Ten Days I’ll Never Forget – September 28, 2006

  1. Love this list! 
    On #1- did the nurses really doubt that she was pregnant??  I think you meant labor but if she did doubt she was pregnant that would make the story even funnier!


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