Blogging from Brazil – July 9, 2006

I love Brazil. The people, the smell, the weather, everything. I don’t know what it is but I love it. I guess I do know what it is. Its home away from home. It takes us a whole minute to adjust to everything before we feel like we’re home again. Too bad we have to fly for 15 hours before we get to our second home.

Vacation is going well. If you couldn’t tell. Thanks for asking. Lis is as happy as she’s been since before she was diagnosed with cancer. She loves it here, obviously. She gets to visit with friends and family and show off our beautiful half-Americano/half-Brazilian son. And she loves showing him off. And they love falling in love with his blue eyes. They are a rarity down here, ya know?

Our first full day was fun. We hung out for most of the day, like we do down here, then at about 10:30pm we went to Aline’s birthday party. Aline is Lisy’s cousin. We hung out drank some cerveja and made some Brazilians laugh. At about midnight or 12:30am Josh and I left the party with two of my sister-in-laws and their friend and went to the avenue to hang out.

The avenue or avenida, is the main drag in the city where people from 15 to 50 (or older) go to hang out from 9pm to 5am and drink, dance and just socialize. Much like my parent’s cruising days in the 70’s (American Grafitti is a great movie for this), they cruise the avenue at least three times then eventually stop and hang out.

We stopped and hung out then decided to go into a restaurant that was having a band playing. So Elen’s boyfriend, Alan, paid for mine and Josh’s tickets and drinks and we had a good time. He definitely earned brownie points. You can marry my sister-in-law…hehe. We had so much fun that we didn’t get home until 5am. Gotta loveBrazil, they party until daybreak!

Yesterday we again did not much. We did go into town to finally get money out of the ATM. Afterwards we got ice cream and walked around the shops at the town.

That evening we celebrated Elen’s birthday at the house. Her birthday was June 28 but they waited to celebrate until we got here. So Josh thinks that there is a birthday party every night…hehe.

Not much more to write. They are a very relaxed culture down here. When my brothers were here in 2004 they learned that they do three things inBrazil…eat, shower, and sleep. It’s an amazing contrast to the hurry-up style of living we have in the States. They are also big on family gatherings. For example, Sunday they always have a barbecue and the entire family (cousins, aunts and uncles included) come over to hang out and eat. Unfortunately, this is another thing we as Americans have shied away from.

In other news…I’m happy to report that I’ve surpassed 100,000 hits on my site. It’s a nice feeling knowing that we are sharing our story with thousands and thousands of people. Thank you everyone for your comments of support and encouragement. I wish I could reply to every single one of you, but I’m on vacation…hehe. Just teasing, but I will try to reply to as many as possible. Thank you so much though for the support, it makes Lis and I feel good to read about the people that have battled through this and give us encouragement for the future and to hear from the people that are going through this and are using Lisy’s experience as encouragement for their future. Thank you all so much!

3 thoughts on “Blogging from Brazil – July 9, 2006

  1. Ok you really dated me – I used to go out when visiting friends in smaller towns are cruise. But lets face it – I am only a little younger than your parents…
    I love the big family dinners – we only seem to do those 2 or 3 times a year. They are so much fun!
    Glad to hear that your trip is going well. I look forward to reading more and seeing the "commercial" when you get home.


  2. The pictures of Lukas sleeping in Chicago….Shawn has the same jammies!!!!! How cute!!!!! Glad to hear you are all having a good time!


  3. Glad you are enjoying your holiday. So  happy that your is enjoying it as well. Congrats on winning the space of the week!


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