Huey, Dewey and Louie or Me and My Bros – May 21, 2006

Often I’ll be driving to and from work thinking about topics to write about.

I thought about writing about the season finale of the “Amazing Race”, which I thought was great. In fact I was sad to see the show go. I had gotten to like all the “characters” and now I’ll miss them all. The hippies, frat boys, and the nice legs of Yolanda and her teammate/boyfriend/now fiance Ray. It’s a fun and exciting show that had a lot of suspense towards the end. You could see the competitive fire in the hippie and frat boys team and you knew that whoever won would deserve it and that the show was a success.

But no, I decided I’d touch on a different subject, one that I hold deep in my heart – my brothers.

There are relationships in life that we take for granted. Maybe it’s our parents, or our friends, for me it could be my relationship with my brothers. After God, Lis and Lukas, my relationship with my brothers is the most important to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and cherish my relationship with them, but my brothers are two of my best friends and hopefully the three of us will keep growing old together.

I enjoy seeing the sibling relationship. My Dad and his brother have, in the past few years, gotten closer. My Mom and her brothers, Steve and Jeff, have always been close. It’s nice to have these relationships to look up to.

Recently our uncle passed away, and the night that it happened Randy, who lives inCalifornia, flew up and Erik and I picked him up at the airport. He hadn’t had time to absorb the shock and emotion of what had happened. His first taste was when the three of us drove home talking about UJ and what he meant to us as a uncle. Together we were able to open up, it felt good to be together, the three of us.

When we got back to my house we sat around the dinner table, drinking and telling stories. We had gotten home from the airport at 1:30am and ended up staying up until 3:30am. We’ve always been a close family but this had brought us closer, especially my brothers and I.

We spent the next few nights staying up together working on the slideshow for UJ. One night as Erik drove Randy and me to my house, I told them that I loved them and that we don’t tell each other that enough. I told them that what we have is special. We have a tight bond, unity. When we’re together we’re a team and people on the outside see that. Where one goes the other follows or makes sure that the other one is being taken care of before we leave each other.

For instance, when we had to go to the funeral home to drop off the music and paperwork on the day of the viewing my brothers picked me up and we all headed over together. When it came to the decision of viewing UJ we all made the decision together. If one wanted to and the other two didn’t, we weren’t going to, or vice versa. We both decided not to and it was a smart decision.

We’re best buds. They are there when I need them and we pick each other up when the other is down. We can talk about things that we may not talk about with other people because we are family and we know that what we say is going to stay between the three of us. It’s kind of neat the bond we share.

Throughout the years we’ve had our bumps and bruises and bloody noses or black eyes. But hey, we’re brothers these things happen. We fought, who didn’t? But we stayed mad at each other for a couple of hours then we were back playing with each other.

As I got into my teens Erik kind of did his own thing. Randy and I were still close as we both loved to play basketball and when Josh, Dennis, Wendell and I (all four years older than Randy) went to play ball we let Randy tag along with us. I mean we needed five right?

Into our 20s, Erik and I became closer as we were both able to go to clubs together. We both enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and weren’t always trying to mack on chicks, maybe cause we weren’t so good at it.

Now we’re all a little bit older but closer then we’ve ever been. Sure we have our different ways of life and looks, which we all took notice in while standing at the airport waiting for our cousin to arrive.

I’m the conservative one, the typical older brother. I dress simple and casual. Button-down shirt and shorts or jeans, nothing too flashy, me and my basic haircut. Married with child.

Then there is Erik. The artistic, outdoorsy type. He’s shorter and broad, bald, and has a tattoo (albeit with all of our names on it) and piercings.

Finally Randy, the party-hungry, wanna-be actor. The typical baby brother. He’s tall and lanky and has the tight shirt and jeans to go with it, along with the “cool guy” hat.

Yah, we’re all a little different on the outside but deep down inside we’re the same. One of our favorite family movies is Coupe de Ville. It’s a story of three brothers that have been asked by their dad to drive a coupe de ville across the country. It really hits home.

That night that Erik drove us home I told them that when/if they get married they need to find someone that respects the relationship you have with your brothers.

I was fortunate to find that in Lis. Like me, she comes from a family-first background. Like me, when we spend time in Brazil it’s always with her sisters and usually we’re all together, even if we have to wait for one of them to get ready. If we’re going to do something it’s “let’s ask (insert sibling name here) if they want to come.” When you have someone that respects and understands that relationship then it makes things a lot easier.

Erik and I hope to get our application in time for the “Amazing Race 11” and this weekend Erik flew down to California to visit Randy. They’ll hang out and Randy will show Erik around the town. Unlike when Lis, Lukas and I went down there, I’m sure they’ll hit up the bars and clubs not Universal Studios and Hollywood. I called Erik on Saturday to make sure he had gotten there safely. He was fine and he and Randy were having breakfast together. It was neat thinking about them hanging out together.

Like I said, sometimes we take these relationships for granted and don’t realize or think about how good they really are.

2 thoughts on “Huey, Dewey and Louie or Me and My Bros – May 21, 2006

  1. Awww. That was so sweet.. Now, who is the most handsome Johnson Brother? hmmmm..
    I too have a wonderful relationship with my siblings. Although it is much different from you guys. Being I am 10 years older than my sister and 11 years older than my brother it has always been more of a motherly type of love I have for them.  We have been through many tough times together including the death of our father when they were only 13 and 14 years old. 
    There have been times when I have taken our relationship for granted and I didn\’t tell them and make sure they knew how much they mean to me. Recently with nearly losing my brother I vowed to never be that way again. And the 3 of us have actually grown closer over the past 4 months since Chuck\’s accident.
    So Kevy, thanks for reminding me how special that relationship can be. And I\’m so glad you have your brothers!
    Geez.. I wrote a blog in your comments section..Sorry.


  2. thanks for the encouragement. You see I have 3 boys and a girl, the girl being the youngest. anyways my boys arent very close. They are so very different and all going through different times in their lives. I have alsways hoped that they would grow to be close and have alsways encouraged that, never letting them forget the importance of family. I hope that they see , even though my brother and I are very diferent , we have always been very close.
    Hope you have a good week


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