Day Four: Lukas’ California Agua-Adventure – February 12, 2006

The final three days of our vacation we spent together – just the three of us.

Our plan was to hit up California Adventure on Sunday as it would probably be less busy thanDisneyland. Well, we were wrong. The place was packed! It didn’t help it was some of the best winter weather California has seen in a long time. In fact, it was 85-degrees on Sunday. It was hot for us Northwesterners.

The Disneyland area was a little different then it was a couple years ago. They now have security tents so they can check your bag before you enter the ticket booths or park gates.

We were a little apprehensive at first cause Dennis had purchased the tickets for us so we could get the Southern California discount (2 parks for the price of 1). I don’t know why, I just worry about silly stuff. It’s not like an alarm was going to go off once they scanned our tickets, and a small cage would encase the three of us. “We have non-SoCal residents using SoCal resident tickets!” Anyway, didn’t happen.

We got in safely and made our way to Bug’s Land. This is the main place for the kid’s rides and basically the only place we could ride with Lukas.

California Adventure isn’t the place for taking toddlers, actually the whole Disneyland adventure isn’t really made for toddlers. We were actually going to wait until he was six or seven but since the nice people at Warm 106.9 granted our Christmas Wish we were able to come here.

Once there we walked around a sprinkler area where kids can run around in the water. Now it’s about 11am, but it’s hot. So we let Lukas run around a bit. He wasn’t too sure what to think at first. There were a couple of other kids running around and he followed them and watched them but didn’t dive in.

Then there were the kid’s whose parents wouldn’t let them play in the water because they didn’t bring a change of clothes (its 11am, they’ll dry by 11:15), or…our favorite “get out of the water, I didn’t bring a coat!” I guess us Washingtonians just don’t understand. You know us…we’re the people that if it’s 45-degrees out, but the sun is shining we’re still wearing shorts. We have to. We only get six sunny days a year.

After Lukas dabbled in the water we went and rode on some rides. By the time we had ridden on two of them Lukas was tired and ready for a nap. So we put him in the stroller and looked for a place to relax and have some lunch.

After much walking around we decided to eat at McDonald’s and ended up spending about $18 on a burger, chicken sandwich and a pop. The pop was sold separately from the “meal deals”. After telling Lis the price of the meal she decided that tomorrow, at Disneyland, we’d be brown-bagging it.

When lunch was finished we walked to the Hollywood portion of the park and realized that Lukas was out, so Lis and I spent an hour or so doing a little relaxing of our own.

After nap time we headed to the new show at California Adventure, the Interactive Chat with Crush, the turtle from Finding Nemo. This was very cool dude! The turtle actually interacted with the audience and allowed us to ask him a few questions. Way cool dude! It’s a must see.

After we had trekked around the park awhile we ended up back at Bug’s Land and let Lukas play in the water. This time he decided he was going to get wet. He spent about a ½ hour or so playing in the water and chasing kids around. It was really funny to watch and I wish there was a way to explain how much fun he had and we had watching this little guy run around from sprinkler to sprinkler trying to swat the water or drink the water. We have it on tape, so if you want to buy a copy then send me $100…hehe!

Anyway, it was funny and he had a great time getting soaked. Luckily for us, Lis came prepared with a change of clothes so he was changed and dry by the time the California Adventure Block Party arrived. This is the parade they do at California Adventure with all the Disney-Pixar characters. It was fun to watch and I even caught myself dancing and singing to the music. We also have this on video but that’s going to be a little more expensive. Let’s set that price at $250.

When the parade ended we made our way towards the exit. It was dinner time and I had made a deal with Lis that if we were going to be brown-bagging it tomorrow then we should eat at ESPN Zone tonight. So we did, and it was good and not that expensive, it’s priced like any other themed-restaurant (Hard Rock Café, Planet Hollywood, you get the picture). We got to have a mini-television at our table that played sports and I was happy. Lis wasn’t too happy because I spent the time at dinner watching the end of the Pro Bowl then some of the Sonics-Nuggets game. Sorry dear!

ESPN Zone is an ESPN-themed restaurant inside Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney is a bunch of stores where people can spend the money they didn’t spend inside Disneyland. There was a cool Lego store that had a Darth Vader and R2-D2 made from Lego’s. Very cool!

What rides did Lukas enjoy you’re asking? Basically he enjoyed playing in the water and riding the carousel.

Oh yah, and if you’re wondering why I put Agua-Adventure in the title of this entry, it’s because “agua” is Lukas’ new word and his first-Portuguese word, NOT Spanish! even though it’s the same in both languages. All we heard on this trip was “agua, agua, agua” every time I drank from my water bottle, or he saw a fountain or he played in the water or we went to the beach.

It’s kind of neat actually watching him learn both languages at the same time, and it’s pretty amazing how well and how quick kids can pick this up. Lis can say something to him in Portuguese and I’ll repeat it in English and he’ll know what I’m saying even though it may be the first time I said that to him. We adults wouldn’t be able to figure that out.

Even though “agua” was his first Portuguese word (he already says quite a few words in English), he seems to understand more words in Portuguese than English. My guess is that it’s because Lis spends all day with him teaching him her native language. Either way, it’s very cool to watch and hear. The doctor said he at this time he may be slower in speaking because he’s learning the two languages at the same time, but by the time he starts school he’ll be right on track if not more advanced because he’ll know two different languages.

Sorry to bore you with our day at California Adventure. Don’t worry, just two days until our vacation ends.

3 thoughts on “Day Four: Lukas’ California Agua-Adventure – February 12, 2006

  1. Maybe you should submit some of those video clips to "America\’s Funniest Home Videos".  Then you can win $10,000 and we can all see them for free!
    Or not.  🙂


  2. Hey Kev!
    Lisy and Lukas look like they are having quite a stitch there with you in Cali!  Although, I don\’t think Lukas quite knew what to do about Chicken Little being that close to him.  Just tell him to hang onto his mummy when he gets freaked out…that\’s what I do! haha.
    Talk to you guys soon!


  3. Doesn\’t it drive you nuts that everywhere you go, there are security checkpoints these days?  It seems that in post-9/11 America, we\’ve become obsessed with freaking out and security-checking EVERYTHING.  It kind of takes some of the fun out of going to places like Disneyland, doesn\’t it?
    Obviously, it\’s too late now, but don\’t worry about the California resident discount.  Hillary & I have used it MULTIPLE times and it\’s never posed a problem.  Although, we might as well set-up a security booth to check those park visitors "claiming" to be CA residents…
    Being the experienced Disneyland tourists that we are, I was surprised to hear that Disneyland now has a complete McDonald\’s.  What?!  Last time I was there, they still only had a french fry stand in Adventureland.  Time for another trip – just to see what\’s different!
    I think it\’s great that Lukas how now learned how to say "agua."  Keep it up!  I strongly encourage you to teach him Portugese NOW, while he is still YOUNG.  Take it from me, it is much better that way.


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