Waiting for the Call – January 30, 2006

Which news do you prefer first? The Good or the Bad?

Actually it doesn’t matter, they’re both bad.

Let’s start with the “we don’t know if it’s good or bad” news. Lis and I are still awaiting the call from the doctor. The call is to let us know if the leukemia cells have returned or not. Kind of a big deal, don’t you think? Her white blood cells are low and her platelets are low and she has a high level of lymphocyte cells (I think) which is a possible indication that the blast (cancer) cells have returned. So it’s a little tense on the Johnson home front.

It’s hard to work when you’re awaiting a call of this magnitude. My body is really tense and I can’t fully concentrate cause every time I hear the phone ring I’m wondering…is this Lis? All I want to do is lay down and take a nap and wait for the day to past. He said he could call us on Monday and well, it’s Tuesday and we’re still waiting. Argh!

Lis is tense also. I went home for lunch and could feel the tension. She doesn’t want to call them cause she is afraid of the bad news (aren’t we all?) but we also want to know what’s going on. Seriously, we can’t plan ahead because we just don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Which sucks cause we’ve got the Super Bowl party this weekend and we’re going to Disneyland in two weeks. It’s hard to look forward to those things when you can’t really look ahead.

3 thoughts on “Waiting for the Call – January 30, 2006

  1. Hey Kevin,
    I\’m praying for yall. Let me know when you can. I hope your silence is good news or that you just laid down and took that nap. Remember, we can endure all things through Christ.


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