The Lost Entries – December 4, 2005

Okay, so maybe they weren’t lost but here are entries to a blog I was going to start in April about growing up as a first-time father. As you can tell we were clueless to what was about to happen just days later. April 3rd I’m writing about me, Lukas and Darth Vader and April 7th Lis is diagnosed with cancer. Funny how your life can change all in one day, one minute I’m struggling to find something to write about the next I have too much stuff to write about.

Friday, April 01, 2005
Lukas meets UJ

I got to skip work yesterday and head down to Fort Lewis with the family to welcome home my Uncle Jeff, who had just finished serving six months in Iraq with the National Guard.

Note about Uncle Jeff aka UJ: He is my mom’s youngest brother and perhaps the coolest uncle a nephew could have.

Okay, so I got to skip work and I got to take Lis and Lukas with me. It would be the first meeting of UJ and Lukas.

We arrived at Fort Lewis, checked in at the gate, parked, walked to the gym where the ceremony was to be held, and had some free donuts and snacks.

About two hours after the free snacks the brigade arrived. The huge garage-like door opened and the soldiers marched in to an emotional crowd filled with friends and family. It was very emotional, I have to admit tears filled my eyes when I saw my uncle, breaking formation by lifting his hand up high and waving to us in the stands. As they turned at attention he smiled at us all and when he saw Lukas he smiled at me and gave a little nod. It was very touching…trust me.

Afterwards Lukas got to meet UJ, baby to uncle. At first he cried then he smiled and Uncle Jeff held Lukas in his arms. It was very cool.

Sunday, April 03, 2005
Lukas, me and Darth Vader

The first wave of Star Wars – Revenge of the Sith toys arrived in stores yesterday. So Lukas and I headed to our local WalMart to check out the “48 hours of the Force” promotion they were running.

Ever since I’ve wanted to have kids I’ve dreamed of taking my son Star Wars toy shopping. The fact that we named him Lukas (duh! Luke Skywalker) has made this whole Star Wars experience much cooler. “Luke you want to take a picture with your father, Darth Vader?” The geek jokes are endless!

Anyway, today was that day. We got our picture taken with a cardboard cutout of Darth Vader. I bought him a Darth Tater, which is a Mr. Potato Head that turns into Darth Vader. The box reads, “once a promising young Jedi who lost his roots.” Very clever. Even though Lukas is just 5 1/2 months, its still a cool toy!

I bought myself (and him!) a Darth Vader, an Anakin that turns into Darth Vader and an R2-D2 (I collect him) and also a DVD Trivial Pursuit Star Wars game.

My mom, who followed us to the store, bought him a hat, which unfortunately doesn’t fit me or him yet and a lightsaber for him. Blue since that’s the one Luke started with.

It was a very cool day and a time I will cherish and he has already long forgotten. Oh well, the force will be with us – someday.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Today we took Lukas to church for the first time. We dressed him up in his sweater vest and slacks and visited my old church. It was Lis and my first time at church in over a year and the first time back to this particular church in over three years.

Church was good. The pastor recognized me right away and the first time he was able to come up and say “hi” he did. It was nice to see him and it felt good that he was happy and surprised to see me. I introduced him to Lis (who he remembered from three years back) and Lukas.

Lukas did well, looking around, people-watching for the first 45 minutes of the service. Of course, once we have to pray he wants to shake his toys and make as much noise as possible. Halfway through the sermon he started to get restless and bored. What can I say, he’s five months old and doesn’t have a long attention span.

After beginning to fuss and continuing to rub his head over Lis’ boobs, she took him outside to eat and ended his first day of church.

For me, it felt good to go back. The pastor and his wife (also Star Wars fans) are wonderful people and made me feel really welcomed. I think we’ll make a return visit next Sunday.

NOTE: Well I did make that return visit, however, this time it was without Lis and this time I needed church and God more than ever before.

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