The Prince of 7A – August 4, 2005

Lis is home and Round 3 is in the books. Now it’s lock down time as we’ll try to keep bacteria away from Lis for the next couple of weeks. None of this getting an infection and staying in the hospital for a week. I can’t take it anymore.

The other night Lis and figured out that this year we haven’t slept in the same bed for close to 60 days. She was gone for two weeks in Brazil (January), I was gone for two days in Vegas (February), then the leukemia stuff (30 days, 3 days, 7 days, 3 days). That’s two whole months. And I’m sure that there are some people who spend more time away, like the people with husbands/wives in the service, I feel ya…it sucks!

Anyway, it’s nice to have her home again. Lukas is especially happy though he loves entertaining Floor 7. Lukas is always so happy when he’s at the hospital. Last night my Dad and I took turns holding his hand as he walked around the floor yelling and laughing. I think it’s good for the other patients to see him. How can you look at a laughing baby, whose so clueless to the world around him, and not be happy? You can’t. Can you? And all the nurses go gaga over him. They’re slowly watching him grow up. From the 5½ month old baby that couldn’t crawl to the 9½ month old that loves to be walked around the floor. He brings joy to mostly everyone’s heart.

Sorry, I love my son. This morning he woke up earlier than I would’ve liked him to. So I put him in bed with me and put on Sesame Street. He starts flapping his hands and clapping to the song Big Bird was singing. I thought it was funny. Just thought I would let you know.

9 thoughts on “The Prince of 7A – August 4, 2005

  1. Kevin,No need to say sorry for loving your son. Your silly.So glad to hear lisy got home today. Make sure you keep all sponges and other things that love to colect bacteria away. Change them all the time. Clean counter tops and potties really good with a bleach of some sort.Got to run and write in my space after my heathen grandson\’s leave, which is hopefully soon. Crossing my fingers it will be in a few minutes.Patti


  2. Wow… I have no idea who you are but I am really sorry about your wife..your littel boy is really cute though..I hope uleave a cmment on my page…IS there anything I cand o to help?–Megan–


  3. Hey, i think it\’s great that you are willing to share this with everyone, it\’s inspiring to me. I wish you all the best, take care:)


  4. What an inspirational site. I have checked in a couple times and thought I would say \’hi\’. Best of luck and life for you and lisy and your family!PeaceBoni:)


  5. hi there. So sorry to hear lisy has such a battle with Lukemia. I hope that everything is ok at home for you all…I couldn\’t imagine. I will keep you and your family in my prayers! I will be back to visit soon. Take care and God bless you all! April


  6. okay now I am crying…I am so touched by the songs in your wifes song list. I pray that you and your wife will make it thru this tough time…and that God will heal her. For I have never been in your shoes so I don\’t know how hard it is for you and your family. My heart honestly goes out to you and I wish you all the best of luck. Take care of each other!


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