Chapter 2: Obrigado Sogra – July 27, 2005

I love my mother-in-law. There I said it…not many people love their mother-in-law, but I do. I first met my then-future mother-in-law a couple years back when I went to Brazil to visit Lis. From the moment I stepped foot in their house I liked her, mostly because she liked me. I ate her food, I made her laugh, and I quickly fit in with the family, despite the language barriers. She was your typical old-fashioned mom. She cooked (a lot), she cleaned (A LOT), and took good care of her children. Heck, she took care of me! How many mother-in-laws will sew up the hole in you boxer shorts? Mine does!

For the past three months Sogra and my sister-in-law Elen, stayed at our house. To be honest with you I didn’t think she would stay that long. I thought for sure she would stay a month and that would be it, but she went the whole way and ended up having a good time.

During those months I got to spend a lot (A LOT) of time with my Sogra. I was grateful they were here. And it’s not because she cooked and cleaned for us. She’s a good person. She enjoys having the family around.

The thing I like to see the most is the fact that she is proud of her daughter, Lis. You can see it in her eyes. She’s happy with how Lis turned out and happy with the decisions she has made in life. It makes a parent proud when their offspring turn out good. Not that her sisters are bad kids, but they haven’t always made the right decisions in life. Who does?

I know that it beats her up inside to see her daughter sick. I saw it when Lis had to go into the hospital a couple weeks ago with an infection. She almost wanted to hide from it. This is a lady that has had two of her four sibling’s die, both at a young age, and last year her mom passed away. So I’m sure seeing her daughter ill doesn’t make things better.

Okay, I’m rambling now…to end, I just want to say that I’ll miss my Sogra and her cooking and ironing my T-shirts (hehe!) but mostly I’ll miss making her smile and laugh cause that’s the best part about her – seeing her happy.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Obrigado Sogra – July 27, 2005

  1. She sounds like a really loving mom. And yes, it must be breaking her heart to see her baby sick. Your children are your babies even when they are 75 and you are 100!!!Cheers – Janet


  2. My husband gets along well with my mom…even though every now and again they may disagree. It is great that you have that bond with her. It makes things so much easier.


  3. I too have a surprisingly good relationship with my MIL. She\’s a very sweet person and she truly treats my like her daughter. :0) Jenine


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