Our 2nd Anniversary – May 24, 2005

Today was our second anniversary. Yes second, that’s it. It feels like it’s been close to five years but nope, just two. In these two years we have certainly had our trials and tribulations. Forget the past two years, just this past year has been troubling, exciting, ah, every emotion you can possibly think of.

Here is a look at the Year that was the 2nd Year of Kevy and Lisy as written by me to Lis :

MAY 2004

Our first anniversary! You’re already knocked up! Even though the sex is odd cause you have a body growing inside you, things are still going great! Oh yah, your 27th birthday at Red Robin baby!


It’s a boy! Things are getting better!


A nice trip to San Francisco and that long walk up Hyde Street– twice. I’m so dumb!


A new house, the baby shower and lots of gifts.


Your growing belly gets even bigger.


My 27th birthday! Who cares our baby is on its way! The infamous camping trip with my parents and the dogs that ends up as one of the wackiest labor stories anyone will ever tell.

Thirteen hours of labor ends when the nurses finally believe you’re in labor. You’re awesome!

We cry tears of disappointment finding out that you won’t be able to deliver naturally due to our new favorite phrase “low-platelet count” a phrase that will again comeback to haunt us.

The couple becomes a family when a beautiful son named Lukas is born. We also settle on a middle name – your family name – Stevanato.


Lukas is a month and life is great, except for the lack of sleep.


Lukas turns two months and it’s off to Brazil for National Lampoon’s Johnson Vacation.

A close call on the drive to the airport, waiting for my passport to be accepted, the lost baggages and an ear infection highlight the much anticipated vacation.


A New Year! You return from Brazil, why did we ever allow you to stay two extra weeks without me?

Lukas laughs and my has he grown into that forehead.


Back-to-work you go.


Bruises and spots appear, should we go to the doctors? Nah, let’s wait and see…


The worst month of both of our lives – I can’t imagine you’ve had a better one.

Let’s not repeat what happened, but let’s relive the positives – Lukas is amazing and quickly becomes the hero of Floor 7. He also proves to everyone why he’s one of the reasons his Mom is going to kick this cancer-things @$$.

Also, after deciding to go back to church and renew my faith in God, he throws this at us days later and gives me the greatest test of faith I have ever had. I think I did all right.

Daddy grows closer to Lukas and Lukas becomes Daddy’s hero.

And we realize that life can throw you a curve at anytime, you’ve got to be willing to adjust for the next pitch (I love baseball cliches) and drill the next one out of the park.

Now we embark on a Season 3 of Kevy and Lisy. What will this year bring us? Who knows, I certainly wouldn’t have placed bets on what happened this past season. I love writing about it like it’s a sitcom on NBC. Hmmm…maybe we can make it a sitcom on NBC, they need help now.

Even though the second year of our life together has been less-than boring, it certainly has built our character and strength as a couple. We can’t be beaten. Lis is too strong and I’ve definitely gained some strength in the bumps we have come across. I can only hope that Year 3 gets better and that things can kind of get back to “normal” which is no longer the “normal” we were accustomed to.

For our anniversary I bought her a nice bouquet of flowers and a card and we chatted about what she wanted to do now that she’s been given a second life – sort of. She just wants to spend more time as a family. Sounds good to me! I enjoy having her around. It was a nice simple anniversary, we’re not the richest people around ya know?

Well, Sogra is trying to sleep and all she can hear is the pitter-patter of my flying fingers on the keyboard. So goodnight!

To all you readers out there…thanks for stopping by. I hope to personally reply to most of you that have written and thank you for the support. When I find the time you’ll hear from me.

14 thoughts on “Our 2nd Anniversary – May 24, 2005

  1. Hi,Kevin.I am a girl in China.I came across to your blog a few days ago and read all your stories with my tears.Both you and your beautiful wife are strong and optimistical and I am sure that good luck will come to you in the end.Lukas are an angel staying with his parents forever.Here is my best wished to you and your wife.Everything gonna be alright.


  2. Greetings! great to hear that you and your family are alright. Things will be alright from now, you\’ll see.. best of luck for the future!


  3. I know what it means to have a person you care for with cancer. What i suggest is speak about it and dont let it dormant. I wrote my graduating thesis about it and met other people who were in my same situation. Be strong and should you need anything you can email me at : kristine_cole@hotmail.com. I pray for you guys ecveryday even though you live so far away and there will never be a chance that we ever meet …still you are in my thoughts and prayers.with deep deep deep sincere positive prayersgoodluck xxx (we\’ll i vist everyday )


  4. Hi! I am rooh-ul-Amin Juanid from Pakistan.Ia m 30 years old.I would just like to say taht may God Almighty give you enough strength to go through difficult time that u are facing now.U are a wonderful couple and I hope and pray that ur wife will get completely fine in near future.Nothing is impossibel with God.I am glad to know that u love eachother so much.May God bless ur family and shower hsi blessings on ur family.If I have said soemthing wrong, please forgive me.Have a really nice,happy life.Take careByeRooh-ul-amin Juanid,Chakwal,Pakistan.arjunaid@hotmail.com


  5. hello kevin. you and your family have been through some hard times together already. my wife and i have been married 40 years. we got married when we were 20. she got cancer when she was 38. at least thats when we finally found out. good luck to you and yours. keep your faith. mrhaney


  6. Hi Kevin, I\’m from Portugal. I\’m 40 years old and i just want to say to you, to be strong. My best wichs for your wife and i hope she becames better every day. You have a very nice son, he\’s beautiful and he has nice parents too.Good luck for your family. PLEASE BE STRONG AND GOD HELP YOU ALL.Sorry, my english is bed


  7. Lis, You are hope to all, and a wonderful woman! You really make all women proude =) and take more pics of the cutest baby I have ever seen! The 3 of you make such a cute family!!!best wishes,Melissa


  8. Hey!! how do u do?im from hanoi, vietnam. I read ur blogs, and they\’re very optimistical + emotional, ur lucky that u have very beautifull children, always remember that god is always there and dont worry bout anything, things will get better every year. day-by-day. Hope the very best for ur family and always SmIlE!!!! god bless (my band will be praying for ur family)


  9. your story is such an inspiration.keep fighting, keep living, keep loving, keep sharing like that.i hope you guys succeed in everything you want.


  10. Kevin,I just wanted to tell you your wife & son are both beautiful, & you are all so fortunate to have each other. I will pray for you all. I\’m scheduled to have major surgery in a few days far from where I live & must go alone as I have no one who can go with me; Hopefully there\’s no cancer. I have the best doctor so all should turn out well. I feel as though you need a little insight on the grandma thing (I\’m one so I guess that qualifies me). All I can do is share my own experience & hope it sheds some light.I have 3 grandchildren, a 3 1/2 year old boy, a 2 year old girl & a 13 month old boy. Both boys look inarguably like their dad\’s relatives by maternal grandma\’s admission as well. They are the only ones I have. She, on the other hand, had 7 at my last count & all live in the same little town, when they are not actually living in the same house. I live far away & have gotten to see mine on average, 3 times a year. My son\’s wife divorced him last fall (no one bothered to tell me). While they were married, phone calls always degenerated into head games. Now, she just doesn\’t answer the phone, because I refuse to play & simply say I just want to talk to my grandbabies. I have no visititation rights. She\’s insanely jealous & uses the children to get things she wants, be it information or money. She always was trying to get her mother & me together for socializing before they split, and it hurt me to have to share what little time I had with my grandchildren, when her mother has them all the time. This woman\’s daughters all have different fathers so I\’ll leave the rest to your imagination. I realize nothing so dysfunctional is affecting your family, but there are a lot of emotional issues all women have to contend with, regardless. We worry & none of us want to share something so precious as our own flesh & blood. We can control this to a large extent with our own daughters, but sons are a different matter. We have to share that son, & that grandson, with TWO other women. Somehow, it just isn\’t fair. My mother lived only to the age of 42, & never got to see any of her grandchildren. She had Hodgkin\’s. Partly because of that, I refused to let my sons even spend the day with my mother in law, who had even great grandchildren from her many grandchildren before she passed away. When I divorced my sons\’ father, he took my sons away from me because he could. What did I, a struggling college student have to offer compared to their millions (in the form of assets, but millions nonetheless)? Women can\’t help themselves, Kevin. Few of us are any different. If we are, there\’s something amiss. I leave you with the following old saying: " A son is a son \’til he takes him a wife; A daughter\’s a daughter all of her life". Your little family will be in my thoughts. The best to you.


  11. i just finished reading your journal, and i want to say that all my prayers are with you and your wife and the baby.  i recently lost my husband to cancer, so i know exactly how that roller coaster feels. i am so glad that lis is doing well, and will continue to pray for her complete recovery. you are right.. god does have his plan..you have a precious son and that is the plan.. to have him have both his parents to raise him. good luck and godspeed to all of you.. ps: you have a wonderful family to see them always there thru this whole thing. god bless them!


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