The Force is Strong With Us – May 18, 2005

Okay, so I’m using a Star Wars cliche but oh well, I can make it relate to my situation.

Wednesday, May 18, Lis and I had our second appointment. It’s actually Lis’ appointment but c’mon this is sort of a “we” thing, except she does all the hard work, like pregnancy, childcare, dishes and sex. Anyway, the nurse cleaned out Lis’ line and we got ready for the doctor.

He asked how everything was going, we told him fine and he told us he had good news for Lis. I don’t think the doctors see it as a “we” thing. Thoughts ran through my head. Is it possible that one of her sisters is a matching donor? What could this good new be? It turns out that Lis may not have to get a bone marrow transplant after all. They sent her blood samples to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer place in Seattle, which is one of the tops in the world, and a doctor, which specializes in AML and is one of the tops in the world was amazed to see that Lis’ chromosomes are splitting and that her body is doing great and that her chance of relapse is very slim.

This came as a surprise. Is it true? Are they right? I thought they said the only way to be cured would be a bone marrow transplant. It turns out that this is another possibility. She would just go through the four rounds of chemo treatment and then they watch her carefully. How exciting, but I’m still scared something may go wrong.

Her sister and Ma are still going to get tested (this Monday) just in case something may happen. It’s amazing. She may have this thing beat after all. I knew she was strong and I do have to admit I’m now a very strong believer in the power of prayer.

I was thinking recently, cause I do that, about how better it probably is and was for people to be praying for us rather than donating money. The power of prayer has been great. I think that since we had so many people praying for my Lisy that God was like…”Okay, okay I hear ya already” and cured her slightly. It’s awesome.

So Lis is doing great. She looks great. She’s eating great. She got her taste back. She’s moving around fine, in fact we went for a nice long walk the other day and she didn’t feel fatigued. If you looked at her and were around her you wouldn’t notice that she just got out of the hospital, other than the fact that she’s bald (and still damn sexy!)

So the Force is with us.

In other news…I just signed us up for a Cancer Relay Walk through the American Cancer Society. It’s a 24-hour relay walk-a-thon thing. You get a team together, you get donations, then on the day of the walk you set up your tent hang out, do some walking and have fun. It sounds like it will be fun I just hope we can get some good participation from everyone.

Things are going great. Lis is feeling great. She has to go back in June but she looks and feels great and that’s all that matters. Lukas is doing good and growing like crazy. His teeth hurt when he bites on my finger. Maybe I should stop sticking my fingers in his mouth. The family is doing fine, I feel bad for Lis’ sister cause she probably gets bored.

Thanks for everyone’s encouragements, it means a lot to hear from people I don’t even know and have them wish us good luck and send their prayers. Thank you!

16 thoughts on “The Force is Strong With Us – May 18, 2005

  1. I hope your good lady gets the donor. It\’s amazing what can be done these days.I\’m also glad you enjoyed Sith. I thought it was great.Have a good one and may The Force be with you.. always.


  2. hi, I just want to wish you your wife and family all the best keep your faith and god be with you, hugssusan


  3. wow, I was glued to the screen reading about your story, I said a prayer for you and I hope that all works out for you and your family. Hang in there God is awesome and can make miracles happen. When things look blue remember your son and what a blessing god gave you and your wife, god bless, Jenn


  4. i just joined this blogging site at msn and i noticed your site. i have not read it all yet. i do wish you and your wife well. my wife had colon cancer in 1983. the doctors gave her 3-6 months to live. she got on a special program. she had to fly to bethesda maryland every month for a year to get treatments. she is still here with me today. we are both 60 years old now and live in ga. drop by my new site any time. good luck to you two.


  5. im 16 years old living in england, i read your site and nearly cried, all my love and best wishes go out to you and your wife, its must be hard talkin about all of this, my heart goes out to you, and i know how your feelin haveing delt with cancer in the familly myself. i hope your wife beats it, you both seem so strong, shes lucky to have such support. love and best wishes, chloe james.


  6. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (another blood cancer) stage 4b, right after my 28th birthday last October. My Star-Wars loving geek of a husband 😛 came across your blog this morning before we headed off to church. I thought I would drop you a note & let you know you have our prayers. Coming from the other side of it, it does feel like it was one long nightmare, but it\’s a journey I wouldn\’t trade for anything. Life will never again be \’normal\’ for us. Once you\’ve felt how thin the strand of life is, and how easily it can be cut short, it\’s impossible to take it for granted ever again. Everything is MORE…more beautiful, more special, more amazing. I wish you both safe travels to the other side of this nightmare. Glad you\’re doing better Lisy! Stay strong! -Maggie


  7. You are a great example of strength, support, and love as a family. You stay positive and strong through difficult times which is very impressive and beautiful. Good luck with everything and thank you for sharing your story. God Bless.D


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