She’s Back! – April 30, 2005 – Day 23

What a difference a day makes. When I last wrote Lis wasn’t really coherent. She was like that on Wednesday, Thursday, and half of the day on Friday. When I saw her last night (Friday) she was good. Laughing, joking, looking like someone doped up on drugs but fun to be around.

Quick note: Lukas is here in the “office” with me as I type. He woke up when I tried to transfer him from car seat to bed. Now he’s fascinated with my typing and wants to come over here and watch me. He’s so cute! His eyes so big and blue!

Okay, back to the real stuff. Today Lis was again in good shape. She was awake, cracking jokes and still quite doped up but looked great. It made me feel so good. I love it! I love her! She is getting kind of weird though. She forgets things right away, like she forgot what bandanna she was wearing and didn’t know where it was when an hour earlier she was wearing it. She didn’t remember me telling her about the hat the Boss Lady bought her. I had told her twice earlier in the week. She didn’t remember us telling her about the rice and beans we had bought her at Ixtapas on Friday. So she didn’t know there was stuff for her. And she didn’t remember the hats that my coworker brought and the fact that I had visited her the past couple of days. That was disheartening and very hard to see and hear.

But she looks great. Her scab from her blister is healing perfectly. Maria, the nurse, said it looked wonderful and that it was such a good sign that her body was healing.

Oh yah, and we got good news. Eliana got her Visa. So now her Mom, Elen and Eliana have their Visas. Sogra and Elen should be here this week. I’m so excited. It’s going to be great…so great to have them here for Lis. It makes me so happy.

I better get going to bed. I’m tired and Lukas is starting to fuss. I think he’s bored. Oh yah, we found that he’s got teeth. They were finally right, he is teething. It’s kinda neat but bad timing. hehe!

6 thoughts on “She’s Back! – April 30, 2005 – Day 23

  1. Hello Kevin, am so sorry for what you are gettingthrough you and your sweet wife I just pray everyday for you and her and your cute son to be safe and in good heath, I have a friend and her mom stil making some kind of tests for symptoms might be cancer or not but I know that it is hard for anyone to live such situation.You are a brave man and your wife is lucky to have you around her ..can you imagine her situation without you dont fake your smile but smile from he heart God is there and your faith wil cure your lis ..God bless you both …Faten from Kuwait


  2. dear kevin,i totally understand what you\’re going thru. my dad has lung cancer. we just found out in january. it sucks major. he was on radiation for 2wks and chemo. he just got off of chemo for 5 wks. chemo blows. it takes away your energy and all. my mom suffers the most. she\’s the best mother in the world, well, one of em\’. she\’s so strong. she says she\’s not, but i know she is. i hope oneday, i can be as strong as her. im way\’s off tho. im only 21 1/2. anyway, cancer is the biggest loser int he world and i will keep your family in my prayers. stay strong and know that you are a wonderful husband, from what i\’ve read. take care. you too lis.


  3. God Bless you and your family! This cancer stuff is just horrible and will never understand it. I lost my step-father to the disease and just had to tell you that I wish you all the strenth in the world. Your wife seems to be a strong woman herself and with a good husband by her side, she will overcome this battle. Beautiful family you have there!


  4. hello Kavin, how were you?, I am from Argentina and i read your family story. Bueno ojala entiendas mi castellano porque yo no se muy bien hablar tu idioma. Me conmovio mucho y espero que sean muy felices, continua comentando las cosas que les pasan porque es muy interesante para mi poder leerlo. Tienen un hijo maravillosamente lindo, sano y feliz!, Se nota que se quieren, y tambien que cuentan uno con el otro. Espero que me mandes un mail con un ingles basico que yo que estoy haciendo el P.E.T, pueda entender. Mi direccion es Les deseo la mejor de las suertes y espero que LIs pueda mejorarse. Love Guillermina


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