A Most Depressing Day – April 21, 2005 – Day 14 – Week 2

This was one of the most depressing days since this ordeal has started and oddly most of the depressing stuff didn’t come from Lis. However, the day started off kind of rough due to Lis.

She called sounding really upset. The x-rays on her intestines had come back and she had an inflammation in there which was causing her diarrhea. She was upset with that cause it was causing a serious fever. Her temperature had risen to a career-high 105.5. That’s not good. She said my Mom and Lukas didn’t have to come and she’d prefer if we didn’t bother the nurses anymore cause they’re getting tired of us. So Lis thinks.

She hung up, called later and then was upset some more. I don’t blame her. I’d be pretty pissed off also. As I already am and I’m not the one in the hospital bed.

So realizing that I had to go to work cause I was already late, and that I didn’t really want to go to work, I would rather have hung out with Lis, I got real mad and started slamming things. I went up to brush my teeth and counted to ten. It didn’t help too much cause when I got to work I swore and told my coworker I was having the “f***ing best day of my life.” I’m so dumb.

I spoke with Patty Powell at Moneytree headquarters. Lis is on Family Medical Leave and they will be deducting mine and Lukas’ insurance from her paycheck. I will need to call her once Lis is out of the hospital to give her an update. Shhh….Lis isn’t coming back to work.

Later that day it got worse. My coworker told me she saw in the paper that these four people were in a car accident. A 4-year old boy was killed and two others seriously injured. The person was our insured. His son was killed when his wife fell asleep at the wheel rolling their car. Gabriel and his brother were airlifted to Harborview. I was completely in shock. I didn’t know what to do. Even though he bugged me forever, he still meant well and I actually liked him. I hope he’s alright, unfortunately, his family isn’t.

I went to Lis’ after work and hung out there. She was feeling much better which was good. Lukas was being so silly. Earlier, while at Fred Meyer, he was laughing and talking and making me crack up. It was funny cause I was busting up laughing at this little 6-month old baby. He’s hilarious. People probably thought I was strange. He was looking around, smiling and laughing at people. How can that not make you happy?!?

Okay, to end this day, my Dad and I were going to the cafeteria for lunch when we saw this old lady looking terrible in one of the rooms. When we came back from lunch they had a Code 4 (everything stops) in room 7-1-1. The lady ended up passing away and I saw her lying there in her bed. It was so weird. I had never seen a dead body and was never that close to death. One minute she’s alive, the next…scary!

Anyway, Lukas is in bed with me. I need someone next to me…funny how it seems like I need him more than he needs me. He’s so funny! Man, he’s incredible!

One thought on “A Most Depressing Day – April 21, 2005 – Day 14 – Week 2

  1. you and your family are in my prayers. know that God is always with you even when He seems absent. and yes, everything happens for a reason even if we never know what that reason is. important thing is to stay strong in your faith. you have a beautiful wife and a beautiful baby.


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