At the Car Wash – April 23, 2005 – Day 16

Thursday Tony called me and asked me what I was doing on Saturday. I told him I’d be hanging out at the hospital. He told me that he was doing a car wash for Lis, in South Everett, and wondered if I would like to help. I quickly replied “yes” and he asked me to ask my brothers and whomever if they wanted to help. Erik and Randy were on board and today, Saturday, we held the car wash without Lis knowing.

It was a total success. I believe the total count was $507. Erik, Randy, Dad, Tony and Josh all washed the cars while Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Me, Tien and Kari all did signs. It was great. Nice to see everyone out there helping out. It was such a nice thing for Tony to do and it was nice that Erik, Randy, my parents and Josh came out. I didn’t know if Josh would cause on Thursday he didn’t sound too enthusiastic about coming out. But he showed up at noon, brought some buckets and a brush and was out washing cars. He’s a true and loyal friend. He’s always there for us, he’s always there to help, he always keeps in touch and he’s a good guy – when he’s not picking on you.

And Tony. He organized this thing and got us all working hard for a good cause. They set a goal of $500 and they accomplished it in three hours. What a great guy!

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Lis was feeling crappy. She had a fever and was pretty out of it. I visited with her for a bit in the morning and she started to fall asleep. Then when we showed up after the car wash she was out of it big time. Later in the evening she was okay. Her blister is huge (we took pictures of it) and she’s beginning to lose her hair. She wants it shaven tomorrow.

Overall it was a good day though. We raised $500 for the Lisy fund. Tony put together a good fund raiser, Trump would’ve been proud. Everyone worked their butts off, from Erik, Josh, Dad, Tony and Randy cleaning and washing tens of cars to Grandma jumping out in front of cars to let them know that it was for a good cause. Everyone did a great job and I’m proud of them all.

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